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Brazil: Teenager killed his parents and sister because they took his… cell phone

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Βραζιλλα: Eφηβ οκωεγειτηδ ερυ εεδ πρν κι ητò

“I would do it again” the 16-year-old told the police & #8211; Authorities may subject him to a psychiatric evaluation

Sao Paulo, Brazil, was shocked by the news that a 16-year-old confessed to killing his family in their home, as his stepchildren parents abused him and confiscated his mobile phone.

Specifically, according to a Daily Mail report, Igor Gomes waited until his father, Isaac Tavares, 57, was in the kitchen with his back turned before shooting him around 1pm last Friday. His 16-year-old sister, Letícia Gomes, rushed downstairs when she heard the gunshot and was talking to him before he shot her in the face.

In addition to his father and sister, Igor Gomes also killed his mother. The 16-year-old waited until his mother, Solange Gomes, 50, arrived home around 7:00pm and shot her when she entered the kitchen and noticed her husband's body on the floor.

ΒραζιλΙα: Εφηβο&sigma σωεγειαε&rho ;φοειδπρ…κι&tau ;о

The parents of the 16-year-old who was shot dead

What the police report says

A police report states that Gomez took out his frustrations on his parents because “they called him a bum, somehow took away his cell phone, and since (he) couldn't use the device to give a school presentation, he designed the their deaths.”

Gomes said that after murdering his father and sister, he had lunch next to their bodies and then went to a local gym. He later returned home, greeted his mother in the garage, before walking with her into the kitchen and shooting her in the back, sending her crashing into his father.

Gomes went to the gym again on Saturday and when he returned home he stabbed his mother in the back. He then went to a neighborhood bakery and went about his day. Gomes called the Military Police on Sunday night after noticing a large presence of flies around the bodies as they began to decompose.

ΒραζιλΙα: Εφηβο&sigma σωεγειαε&rho ;φοειδπρ…κι&tau ;о

From left to right: The perpetrator's father, mother and 16-year-old sister

What he told the questioning – Psychiatric evaluation being considered

During the questioning, he said he used a gun that his father, a municipal security guard, kept at home and that he never thought of kill his sister. The Secretariat of Public Security of Sao Paulo registered the incident as homicide and femicide, illegal possession of a firearm and disposal of a corpse.

Gomez was transferred to the Foundation for the Center for Social and Educational Support for Adolescents, a facility that houses people aged 12 to 21-year-olds who are being investigated or convicted of a crime.

Authorities are considering submitting him for a psychiatric evaluation. He could be committed to a mental institution if it is proven that he was legally insane at the time he committed the crime. Authorities are also investigating Gomes' cell phone and computers to see if a third party was involved.

source: In.gr

Source: 24h.com.cy

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