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DIKO demolished it

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DIKO demolished it

The dust raised by the unbridled populism of the well-known types who ostensibly defend the lautsiko and the public interest, succeeded in demolishing the main pillar on which the recovery of the Cypriot economy was based after its collapse in 2013. The investment program approved by the Government Papadopoulou inaugurated and continued the Christofias Government fell victim to the sterile opposition accepted by the Nikos Anastasiadis Government.

A program that brought billions to the Cypriot economy, that created thousands of jobs, that contributed to the development and modernization of the country, was sent on fire abroad. Without thinking, without measuring the consequences, many and various people rushed to stone him and cause his death.

Starting from the Government, which seemed to be timid in the face of unfounded and groundless attacks, it hastened to adapt to the wishes of the opposition, ignoring the harmful effects on the economy, for which it will be called to apologize tomorrow, but also to pay the costs.

Groups and groups that allegedly defend the environment were another source of accusations against the program because the character of the place is allegedly altered. Also some opposition parties for obvious reasons also strongly opposed. Motivation to undermine the successful economic policy of the Government that managed to orthodoxize the state finances.

Among the latter is DIKO. A party that for several years supported the program and praised its results, recently came to join its opponents. It is the same party that for years applauded and spoke in praise of the investment program. If you go back in time you will find dozens of statements by both the President of DIKO and other party officials, with which he did not spare praise for the program and its contribution to the recovery of the Cypriot economy.

However, we have been observing a turn of DIKO 180 degrees lately. Looking to find out how and why, what was it that led the party to this outrageous inconsistency, we find nothing but to justify it despite its unbridled desire to cause damage to the Government in the hope that it will reap the same political benefits that will translated into party percentages in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

The noise that arose around the issues of corruption gave the opportunity to DIKO to come forward and demolish the investment program. His leadership hastened to align with others who are ideologically opposed, and in a coordinated manner to deconstruct an organized situation which brought only positive results to the place. Thus, DIKO places itself in a worse position than the convincing enemies of the program. Why how will the DIKO leadership justify this mutation, but convincingly? How can he explain that a policy that until yesterday supported and assisted, suddenly became harmful? And DIKO will be called to give explanations. From executives, members, supporters and voters who see themselves losing their jobs, they see their businesses small or large collapse, they see the indicators of the national economy receding. Tomorrow, when the leadership and the candidates are in front of the voters during the election campaign, they will find it difficult to interpret this change. They will not have sufficient and valid explanations why they helped to neutralize a program that offered so much to the place. That is when they will realize their mistake, but it will be too late. We hope it is not the same for the place. But for that to happen, some people have to wake up to say mea culpa and work together and help correct the mistake as long as there is time.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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