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Georgina and Malena were killed with ketamine – Key findings for liver lesions

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The authorities are very close to solving the mystery of the deaths of the three children in Patras. The new data presented by “THEMA” give the direction of the investigations and reveal the most probable possibility for what happened to the little girls of the Daskalakis couple & # 8211; Pispirigou. The common denominator, namely the lesions in the liver of both Georgina and Malena, show that both children were probably poisoned with the same substance, but with one difference: in the case of Georgina the amount of ketamine was huge and led to her death. in about 10 minutes, while in Malena the amount of the substance was much smaller, with the result that the little girl fell into a sink and calmed down in about an hour and a half. Thus, Malena's body managed to metabolize the substance that was given to her, as a result of which it was not detected in the toxicological tests.

At the same time, the developments are rapid as it is a matter of hours for the tiles with the samples of Malena and Iris to reach the Laboratory of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, where they will be under the microscope of the scientific team of Professor Nikolaos Raikos. The special instrument of the laboratory has a sensitivity up to 500 times greater in the detection of substances than the corresponding one in Athens, as a result of which it detects even minimal traces of a poisonous substance, in order to “lock in” the scientific assessment of the experts for death of Malena. A typical case is the death of an elderly woman in 2013. Her body was found in rot, with the initial analyzes showing no substance. Until three years later, the DNA of a woman who was incarcerated and robbed the elderly with the method of narcotics was found, a fact that led to new analyzes from the advanced instrument used by Mr. Raikos's team. The examinations showed five benzodiazepines, there that the previous analysis had not detected a single one.

At the same time, the information says that the finding of Mr. Nikolaos Bouzianis has been completed and in about ten days it will have been delivered to the Homicide Department. It will end up in the hands of the officers of the 11th floor of GADA, as the Crimes Against Life Department is the executing authority which will then forward it to the 18th investigator Christina Salapa. No other substance appears to have been found, and the dosage of the drugs the child was taking, which was quantified, appears to be within the treatment protocols.

In the case of Georgina the amount of ketamine was huge and led to her death in about 10 minutes, while in Malena the amount of the substance was much smaller, with the result that the little girl fell into the sink and cooled to about one and a half hour. Thus, Malena's body managed to metabolize the substance that was given to her, as a result of which it was not detected in the toxicological examinations.

Liver damage

According to the possibility that has been put under the microscope of the experts and is being examined, the key that will solve the mystery has to do with the liver lesions in both children. Georgina had a liver problem, but because her death was very short (it happened in about 10 minutes), the lesion did not progress much. The lesion found in Georgina and to a much greater extent in Malena now clearly states that we are talking, according to the medical examiners, about hypoxia. According to information, in the Bouziani finding in the case of Georgina, lesions were found in “Zone 1”, ie in a part of the liver, while in Malena, according to the Tsakonas finding, they were found in “Zone 3”, ie in “Zones 1 and 2 ».

This indicates that the time until the 3.5-year-old girl died was much longer. The estimate for the time it took for Malena to die speaks for about an hour and a half, which results from the fact that no poisonous substances were found in the toxicological examinations, as her body caught the 80-90 minutes that elapsed between them. metabolize. So, the question that arises is whether little Malena was tortured for an hour and a half until she passed away. Sources tell “THEMA” that this substance suppresses the respiratory system and the child “sinks”, citing the example of the plane crash with the Helios aircraft, where due to lack of oxygen the passengers fainted and fell asleep. This is estimated to have happened to the unfortunate Malena.

And at this point the experts clarify the important difference: suffocation is the mechanical blockage of the airways (that is, someone closed his mouth and nose with his hands hypoxia is the non-oxygenation of tissues due to poisoning. The tissues of the body are not oxygenated due to poisoning, which affects the center of respiration and there is congestion everywhere.

With these data, the medical examiners expected something similar in the two cases. That is, just as Georgina died after being given a large amount of ketamine, so in Malena the death must have been caused by some form of poisoning, but with a much smaller amount of substance. If this scenario is confirmed by the new toxicological tests that will be performed in Thessaloniki, the analysts of the Homicide Department will have to prove who poisoned little Malena.

Manos Daskalakis and Roula Pispirigou. Authorities are now very close to investigating the death of their three daughters.


According to medical examiners, with the damage that the 3.5-year-old girl has to the liver, the death is unlikely to have been suffocating. Because in order for such damage to take place, it requires a prolonged effort to suffocate, which experts determine in 45 minutes to an hour, which is unlikely, as they say, to have occurred in a hospital. So, they say, Malena's liver damage could not have been caused by an airway obstruction. And for this reason they estimate that in her case some substance was used.

However, the second question that arises is why the substance did not appear in the toxicological tests. The scientists explain that the poisonous substance may have been in a smaller amount and had been metabolized. In other words, she lived longer and Malena's body managed to metabolize her, in contrast to Georgina who cooled down in about 10 minutes. At the same time, as the experts clarify, Mrs. Christina Tsakonas, who formed the death report, did not have at her disposal the child's urine, which would capture the situation and the metabolites would be identified. It is also estimated that she was given a smaller amount. She was late to die and her body had time to metabolize her.

Thus, they are waiting for answers from the toxicological examinations of the Laboratories of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the treatment that will be done by the team of Professor Nikolaos Raikos . Because this particular laboratory has the advanced instrument-machine that detects everything, even in traces.

And even if in this case no evidence emerges, the medical examiners are obliged to exhume. Something that is very intensely discussed and it is considered almost certain that they will suggest to the prosecutor and police authorities in order to “lock” the cases scientifically, excluding the slightest gap. In fact, information from “THEMA” says that especially in the case of Georgina, the competent medical examiner Nikolaos Bouzianis is turning in this direction.

And he will either make his conclusion on this report for exhumation, or he will raise the issue orally. A move that will disprove, as they say, the argument of the accused that the doctors administered the substance, as with the taking of hair a quantitative test will be done and it will be found out if the girl had been given ketamine again.

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