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Greece / Holy Synod: Vaccine protects against Delta mutation – Microchip unrealistic theories

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Greece / Holy Synod: Vaccine Protects against Delta Mutation - Unrealistic Theories of Microchips

“Christians ask about the vaccine and our doctors answer” is the title of the circular “Towards the people”, which consists of twelve questions-answers, with clear clarifications for all the questions that can be asked by the faithful.

In particular, the circular issued and distributed to all parishes by the Permanent Holy Synod gives an answer whether the vaccination protects against the “Delta” mutation: “All vaccines offer high protection to avoid serious illness, intubation and death, as well as chance of getting sick and getting to the hospital. This high protection also applies to the “Delta” mutation “.

Regarding the need for a third or even fourth dose of vaccine after the initial one, the answer is that “We do not yet know if fully vaccinated individuals will need additional booster doses because we are still learning how long the immunity lasts after the disease.”

The circular also responds to the argument of some that the vaccine contains embryonic cells: “None of the Covid-19 vaccines used in our country contain embryonic cells” is the answer, while at the same time it is pointed out that “the vaccine does not affect the personality of the vaccinated individual ”.

In addition, another response states that “Vaccines against Covid-19 do not contain microchips. “These are unrealistic theories, which are based on a false misinformation campaign being carried out on the internet.”

The DIS adds that “current data show that the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus vaccine is safe.”

Source: politis.com.cy

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