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Hard reaction by Achilleas Dimitriadis for the selection of Mavrogianni by AKEL

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The independent candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, Achilleas Dimitriadis, characterized the candidacy of Andreas Mavrogiannis as opposed to any notion of an honest state, saying that “he receives two salaries as a reward for what he did as a negotiator”. At the same time, he expressed the belief that there are many people from the progressive left who are not included and find expression through the outline of their positions, said the presidential candidate Achilleas Dimitriadis, answering questions about the result of the vote in the Central Committee of the AK .

Answering questions from journalists at a press conference on Monday, on the occasion of Europe Day, Mr. Demitriadis assured that he will continue as a truly independent candidate until the end.

“We will definitely be together until February 2023. I had made that clear from the beginning. My candidacy does not depend on any party support. That's why she is independent. “So together we will fight for a progressive change with transparency, in the civil society which is thirsty for change, for liberation from the Anastasiadis government”, he said.

Asked how he feels after the decision of the Central Committee of AKEL, he replied that the procedures of the parties are fully respected.

At the same time, he expressed the view that there is a huge number of people who thirst for change. As he said the biggest party is the abstention with 30% of the citizens not going to vote and he expressed the belief that he can draw from there. He also said that 15% of those who voted did not express their positions in Parliament, because the party they supported did not take the measure to enter Parliament. He explained that 45% of citizens have no expression for what is happening, and noted that it is addressed to these people as part of civil society.

At the same time, he said that there are many people inside and outside the parties who have seen the outline of his positions and believe that these positions can bring change, liberation, as he said, from the Anastasiadis government.

Asked if he had any communication with an AKEL executive who disagreed with the choice of Mavrogiannis, Mr. Dimitriadis answered in the negative and said that he learned exactly what is being done by the media. Asked if he had any contact with the General Secretary of AKEL after the result, he replied that he had none at all.

Asked whether he thinks he will receive support from parties that have not yet run in the presidential election, Mr. Demitriadis said that he has made contacts with almost all parties, has outlined his positions and is willing to discuss its improvement or even changes. He added that dialogue with any party or organized force is open.

Asked whether he thinks he will draw from the voters of the left, he said that these votes are not only in AKEL that did its procedures and are respected. As he said, there are many people from the progressive left who are not integrated and find expression through the outline of their positions.

“The important thing for me is change. Do we want things to change? We want to get rid of the 'corrupt Anastasiadis government' and their collaborators. “So to put it simply, do we want to get rid of 'DDA and Co.', so that I can use an abbreviation?” He said. He added that if we want this, people should change, “we can not recycle, we can not catch people who were in the system, in key posts and say that now they have changed.”

He also said that the people he came in contact with have embraced this effort, since, he said, he is bored and can no longer stand what he sees around him, corruption, the lack of an honest state and “all the evils that surround us and do “My candidacy is important, because it gives a voice to the speechless, it gives a right to those whose rights are being violated because their party system has crushed them.” People, civil society, he said, will now be able to feel that their individual voice has a way of expressing itself.

Asked if he thinks he can get votes from both the right and the wider liberal ideology, he said he thinks he can get them everywhere and the criterion of who can follow him or who he can work with is not a theoretical position. of his name, but the recorded positions in his outline.

Fire to Mavrogianni

Answering another question, Mr. Demitriadis stated that his wish, as shown through his program, is to abolish the absurd privileges.

He stated that he sees Mr. Mavrogianni received two salaries as a reward for what he did as a negotiator, based on his information, as he said, and he wondered if that was really the case. That is, if he received a salary as an ambassador and at the same time if he had a second contract from the e/k community, for the procedures as a negotiator.

“For me, it is not an honest state for someone to have irrational privileges when we see the accuracy of hitting our fellow citizens and not being able to take them for a walk,” he said.

At the same time He noted that for him, retirees are a phenomenon that should disappear. “I do not accept duplicates or duplicates,” he said.

“The honest state does not accept irrational privileges, the honest state wants equality,” he said.

Asked whether he blames Mr. Mavrogiannis for the stalemate in the Cyprus issue, he said that a professional negotiator has a conflict of interest to solve a problem that gives him a reason to exist.

“It's been negotiating for so many years, we left Crans Montana for so many years in 2017 with the paraglider of the solution and today we are in the top five of the bifurcation. The D.D.A. & amp; Co. to use the term, includes Mr. Mavrogiannis and in fact regarding the Cyprus issue is one of the trinity of the President, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the negotiator. “If these three are not responsible for the crap that the Cyprus issue has, I wonder who will be responsible,” he said.

He also said that he should not forget Varosi, about whom he feels so strongly, Erdogan's statements and actions about Varosi and its opening in July 2021. As he said, the foreign policy for domestic consumption had moral perpetrators as well as accomplices. As he said, the right accomplices leave if they have a disagreement, otherwise they presumably agree.

“And this agreement, if the research is done, may be because it was also a livelihood profession this “, he stated.

Proposal for creation of a Ministry of European Affairs

In his conference for Europe Day, Mr. Demitriadis proposed the creation of a Ministry of European Affairs for the effective participation of Cyprus in every level of decision-making in the EU. He also supported the alignment with European interests for the settlement of the Cyprus problem, using “two keys “, Which is what the energy and the positive EU – Turkey Agenda said.

Mr. Demitriadis stated that Cyprus needs a different European course to put an end to the “chair leave” policy. In his proposal, he noted that he aims at better supervision and implementation of European directives, better planning for the Second Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the EU in 2026 and maximizing the benefit of Cyprus's membership in the EU in all areas.

Achilles Demitriadis referred to the importance of establishing the EU as a force for peace and reconciliation and said that Cyprus today, as a member, is able to face the current challenges from a better position: pandemic, climate crisis, economic development and so on. . Especially for the Recovery and Resilience Fund, he said that it is an opportunity for Cyprus to come out of the sloppiness and plan based on sustainable development.

Mr. Dimitriadis criticized Anastasiadis's 10-year rule for opportunistic policies and empty words, while in practice, he said, had other priorities, dragging Cyprus with the “golden passports”.

He argued that Cyprus needed to clean up corruption, reduce inequalities and provide space for healthy growth and jobs for young people.

“Use the two keys we have in our hands, the Energy paper and the Euro-Turkish relationship paper to reopen the door to resolution and development and build “Cyprus for the Cypriots,” he said. the release from the Anastasia government σιάδη.

Source: politis.com.cy

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