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If you do not take a Cypriot, the other tells you, take someone with parchments…

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If you do not take a Cypriot, the other tells you, take someone with parchments…

It is understandable that there is dissatisfaction both among the fans and the coaching staff in relation to the decision to hire a new coach in the National team. Speaking of which, Nikos Kostenoglou did not achieve anything remarkable in his career to be assigned such an important role by the KOP. So, regardless of the course of our representative band with the Helladitis on the bench, the prevailing concerns are understandable.

On the other hand, we disagree with the opinion of the Coaches' Association that the federation, with its decision not to trust a Cypriot for the position of the first coach, cancels its own Coaching School, as it claims in its announcement. The Coaching School can operate, produce work and produce remarkable coaches, but at the same time the KOP has the right to hire technicians from abroad.

The issue is choice. From the moment the KOP decides not to hire a Cypriot coach, the fans, the coaches and all of us are waiting to hear that the elite has the right background to lead the National to the next step, that is, to be a man with parchments in his field. .

Because, the other tells you, since the KOP decides not to choose a Cypriot coach, then why not hire a foreigner with a rich biography. So the issue is who is the chosen one and not if he is a foreigner…

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