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Invitation to dialogue accepted – Cyta staff unions suspend measures

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Their joint announcement

ΑποδΕχτηκαν πρόσκληση για διαλ&omicron ;γο - Αναστελλουν μετρα οι συντεχ νΙες προσωπικού Cyta

Cyta staff guilds accept the invitation of the Administration and Management of the Organization for dialogue, which, as they state in their joint announcement, should be completed by next Thursday, and therefore they are suspending all the measures they announced.

In their joint statement, the trade unions EPOET (OHO-SEK), ASET-Cyta, PASE-ATIK, SIDIKEK-PEO-Cyta, SEP-ATIK state that “with its announcement, the Organization calls on the staff unions to withdraw the strike measures which they have announced, in order to be able to keep the dialogue with the Management and the Directorate alive, since as they claim, there are few differences that have remained, so that we can reach a final agreement on the grand emissary, as stated in the announcement, a project of Institutional Innovation and Personnel Evolution”.

For the trade union movement, they note, it does not matter at all whether the issues that divide the two sides are many or few, but how serious they are and what could be their importance in the formation of a new labor regime, in the medium or long term.

“This is not at all a rhetoric that was developed, applying the strike measures, but a timeless philosophy and our ideology “, they add.

They remind, at the same time, in their joint announcement, that the grandiose project of Institutional Innovation and Personnel Evolution, is a project that began with their consent, responsibility and understanding, elements that have always characterized the trade union movement at Cyta, with the aim of making the Organization more flexible in its processes, reducing its operational costs and at the same time to upgrade the frontline staff, and to armor it to withstand the relentless competition and the huge technological challenges that occur in the Telecommunications sector and in the economy in general.

“We accept yesterday's announcement by the Organization as a last-ditch effort to reconcile our differences, with the hope that mutually acceptable solutions will be found that satisfy both sides. We will once again show the same responsibility and the same seriousness as always and we will accept the invitation of the Administration and the Management for a dialogue, which should be completed by next Thursday and therefore we are suspending all the measures that we announced “, they note.

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