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It is elaborating and will promote modifications for special education, says the Ministry of Education

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It is elaborating and will promote modifications for special education, says the Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth (YPPAN) is working on and will promote amendments to the legislative framework for Special Education, according to a relevant announcement of the competent Ministry.

Specifically, regarding the issues of Special Education that are publicly discussed, the Ministry of Education points out that the activity of school assistants / escorts to serve students in schools does not depend on administrative decisions or policy decisions, “but is governed by legislation and specific procedures. provided for therein “.

In particular, he says, it is provided that individual applications are submitted which are examined by committees in which, in addition to administrative actors, experts also participate. It is clarified that on the basis of these decisions the Ministry of Education has the services of school assistants / escorts through the local School Ephorates.

“Any opinions, suggestions or requests that are expressed, indicating a change of procedures, presuppose the change of the relevant legislative framework” is mentioned in the announcement and it is added that the Ministry of Culture is currently examining suggestions for some necessary amendments to the legislation. In addition to working with experts, there will soon be information and cooperation with the Parliamentary Committee on Education.

In this regard, a Decision has been taken by the Council of Ministers to establish a special advisory committee in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and with the participation of experts, in order to review and possibly revise the framework of students participating in Special Education. announcement.

Among the issues raised regarding the modification of the legal framework, the scientific evaluation of the results of the provided special education, the necessary qualifications and any training of the school assistants / assistants, the strengthening of the judging committees with relevant specializations, etc. are mentioned.

The important issues concerning the further improvement of the Special Education, for which the State attaches due importance and more and more resources, are not so much the number of available escorts, as issues related to the scientific staffing, the further strengthening of the Special Schools. , as well as significant gaps in the procedures, such as the crisis of whether students should be included in special units or Special Schools and so on. states the announcement and finally adds that the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports will promote in the next period relevant proposals for modification and improvement of the legislative framework.

Changes in the law on Special Education – No reference to Unified Education

Without any reference to the Unified Education, the Ministry of Education announced changes in the legislative framework for Special Education. It is pointed out that the process for the reform of Special Education and Training in the direction of Unified Education started in 2017, however it has not yet become successful. At the same time, the reform must be done in order to align the Republic of Cyprus with international conventions, which it has ratified.

It is noted that last June, the Ministry of Education submitted to the interested parties a draft of the legislation it promotes, however there were voices for ambiguities, generalizations and widespread violations of children's rights.

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