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Karagiannis to the police for threats – What happened in the meeting with the President of the Republic

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Karagiannis to the police for threats - What happened in the meeting with the President of the Republic

During the morning meeting that the epidemiological team had with the President of the Republic, Professor Petros Karagiannis referred to OMEGA and the show INFORMATION NOW.

According to Mr. Karagiannis, it seems that the relaxations in the restaurants are progressing as the group submitted its views and suggestions and it is now up to the Government to take the final decisions and announce them.

Especially for the meeting with the President, Mr. Karagiannis said:

The president was positive and receptive. From now on, it is up to the minister to decide. I did not understand that things were derailed.

Relaxations at 16 months should be done in the right conditions. It is something that will be worked out by the committees of the ministries.

In relation to focus

The numbers were discussed if they could stay the same or change. There was no decision in our presence. Any changes will be announced tomorrow. Everything will depend on the premises as well as the outdoor areas to what extent they could be used.

Either there will be a differentiation of the numbers to make both the indoor and outdoor spaces work.

The decision should be horizontal and concern not only the dining areas but also other areas.

For gyms

No requests were made for these issues. They can discuss them tomorrow. Try not to be too open.

Thoughts a year later and threats…

If they told me today I would think about it two or three times. I did not expect to be involved to such an extent. On the other hand, I'm the guy who never says no. As a result, I've been overwhelmed. These are the other activities that I tried not to stop.

I believe that I offer to the world despite the fact that some people have the opposite opinion and I will continue to do so until we defeat the virus.

I find the criticism bitter. Some people catch a word from what you say to make an attack. That's why I no longer read anything that is written on social media.

In fact, some of the attacks I received on the internet were threatening. At a point where I also made a complaint to the police.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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