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Moderna: Common coronavirus and flu vaccine ready in August 2023

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In a year and a half, it will be possible to give a double vaccine, which will deal with both the coronavirus and the flu, the executive director of the Moderna pharmaceutical company, Stefan Bancel, announced on Thursday. At the same time, he estimated that in six months the renewed Covid-19 vaccine will be ready, which will also protect against Omicron.

In his statements, the French businessman and manager stressed that this double vaccine is expected to be ready as in August 2023 and its price will be equivalent to the existing flu vaccine, so it is possible to obtain it from less robust countries.

The “pan-vaccine”, as he called it, will treat even other respiratory diseases, constituting a revolutionary breakthrough in the vaccination of the population.

This year, in August, the updated vaccine will be available to the countries. against the Omicron mutation, predicted the strong man of the American company that produces mRNA preparations against the coronavirus.

However, the company is still collecting clinical data on whether a different composition is needed for a vaccine against Omicron, or whether another dose of the existing formulation will suffice to treat this variant of the coronavirus.

“We believe that we will need a booster dose. “But we do not yet know if it is going to be with the existing drug, with one that will only affect the Micron, or a mixed one: a mixture of anti-Homicron and the existing vaccine, with two mRNAs in one dose,” said Mr. Bancel.

He added that the decision is expected in the coming months, when the clinical data will be complete.

Source: kathimerini.gr

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