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New political Platform with Papaconstantinou of the sheared, Konstantina, Hatzigianni – In the parliamentary elections with the Ecologists

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New political Platform with Papaconstantinou of the sheared, Konstantina, Hatzigianni - In the parliamentary elections with the Ecologists

People of letters, arts entrepreneurs and scientists are the platform “March of Change” whose foundation was announced today. It is a platform set up to unite the forces of free-thinking citizens suffering from corruption, entanglement, the eroded Rule of Law and unworthiness, the result of which is the shrinking of democracy and the consequent blatant violation of human rights.

The initiative for the creation of the Platform, according to the press release that has been issued, is undertaken with the aim of the struggle for the reconstruction of the place, claiming, among other things, a parliamentary presence in the upcoming parliamentary elections. In the platform “MARCH OF CHANGE” we expect that citizens, groups, movements and formations will join, who will be able to maintain their voice and independence, but will fight together for purification, meritocracy and dignity.

According to the press release, the platform will soon announce further political action in view of the parliamentary elections next May, as dictated by the attached founding declaration of the “March of Change”.

Cyprus urgently needs a March for Change!


Adonis Papakonstantinou Businessman / former regional president of a multinational

Andreas Eleftheriadis Founder / Former President of the European University of Cyprus

Vasiliki Peleggari-Kyriakou Journalist / Screenwriter

Giannakis Pyrokkas Hotel Management

Phoebe Tramuntanelli Lawyer

Fotos Fotiadis Actor / director

Chrysanthos Chrysanthou Actor / Director


Alexandros Michailidis Businessman – researcher of innovative solutions

Alexis Dimitriou Director / Producer

Andreas Antoniou Businessman

Andreas Tzirkallis University Professor

Apostolakis Kyprianou Teacher

Arto Davitian Former Cypriot Airlines executive

Glafkos Kariolou Specialist of the Directorate of shipbuilding units and marinas

Theodoros Kyprianidis Businessman / Technology Provider for people with disabilities

Konstantina Konstantinou Singer / Musician

Costas Dimitriou Actor

Costas Konstantis Former bank branch manager

Michalis Hatzigiannis Musician / Composer / Singer

Nikos Karannikis Former Arts Director – British Council

Takis Georgiou Former senior executive of a construction company

Tasos Antoniou Businessman

Tony Dimitriou Actor

Christos Andreou IT Officer


Founding declaration

The people of Cyprus, in the 60 years of the independence of our small and beautiful country, see with concern, anxiety and sadness, to be in a dead end situation of multiple captivity, due to:

  • Occupation
  • economic collapse
  • incomplete ecological policy
  • deficit cultural strategy
  • corruption
  • eroded rule of law

In the 46 years since the twin crimes of coup and invasion, Turkey has never hidden its long-term goal, which is to take control of the entire island. They negotiate, ostensibly, and try to persuade that they are making concessions and concessions. Concessions concerning lands and powers they never had!

And our political leaders, in the name of the struggle against the occupation, became the same participants and protectors of a status quo to the extent of their interests. They nurtured a system of generations of party officials, supporters and whistleblowers, which, as evidenced by the facts, serves a network of entanglement. Thus, they managed to share the possibilities of power and the wealth of the country as they see fit and according to the interests of their party formations. In this context, the big trick of managing and laundering foreign money was set up and in the domestic system of entanglement of politicians and lawyers, bankers, auditors and land development entrepreneurs entered. This led to the cutting of deposits, the write-off of securities, the collapse of the economy and the impoverishment of a large part of the population, which remained trapped, in miserable wages and unbearable red loans, after life savings “disappeared” overnight. The declarations of purification and the creation of committees of inquiry functioned, as in the past, as a smokescreen in the eyes of the public.

At a third level, the status quo of the corruption system then took advantage of the serious weaknesses of the Cyprus Investment Program, in which, as it was revealed, even prominent members of the executive and legislative branches played a leading role. Uncontrolled as it was but also bulimic as it turned out, the system did not hesitate to give the Cypriot passport to dictators and white-collar criminals. The broadcasting of Cyprus reached the level of international media, culminating in the well-known video of Al Jazeera.

At the same time, the indifference of the current rulers to the ecological dangers, such as the imminent threat of desertification of our island, the large volume of pollutants for which the citizen pays a hike, and the glaring gaps .

Large deficits are observed in primary and especially in secondary education. The impossibility of exploiting the potential that Cyprus has to become a regional center of university studies is obvious. The black holes in Education in general and the obvious contempt for Culture cause in society symptoms of phobic syndromes, racist obsessions and serious gaps in education and democratic perception.

As a result, the rule of law is clearly being eroded with dangerous consequences. Most important of these are the inability of the institutions to function effectively, the indefinite suspension of the much-publicized reforms and the possibility of adapting the growth model to make it sustainable and resilient to the challenges facing the future of our country.

In this toxic landscape, the rulers of the place in the free areas, in cooperation with their close, family and professional environment, having their attention turned to unbridled enrichment, became comfortable with the status quo since any change would affect the system they had created. and that protected their power and interests. That was one reason, along with the Turkish provocation in the Cyprus EEZ and the Aegean, of course, that the negotiation process has frozen in recent years. With the assumption of the leadership of the Turkish Cypriot community by Ersin Tatar, the announced opening of Varosia under Turkish rule and the weak reaction of our government, seems to maintain a situation that favors and is likely to breed more corruption.

For the huge extent of this criminal act that left our world, without money, homes and jobs, without a welfare state, and without a future, none of the perpetrators were held accountable and no one was punished. In this world of our distressed fellow citizens are included population groups that due to Haircut lost their work as depositors, holders of securities, shareholders and generally as creditors. People who, for seven years now, have been making unfulfilled promises, are now joining us in the fight to restore injustice to their detriment and the dignity of the entire people.

So today, five months before the parliamentary elections, we are at the impasse that led us to this multiple captivity, looking for a way to dignity and, above all, to hope. Being honest citizens, who work hard in this place, with clean hands and conscience, we announce the creation of the socio-political platform, “CHANGE OF CHANGE”. A move that will claim a voice in the new Parliament next May, in order to serve transparency, meritocracy and the public interest and consequently to protect, as much as possible, the honest citizen and our distressed fellow human being.

We expected our Parliament to approve the horizontal vote, as this would be the preferred way for party-independent citizens to claim a parliamentary presence. Unfortunately, however, some parties, for obvious reasons, are not comfortable with horizontal voting. For this reason, and since the chances of electing independent candidates are about zero (!), We consulted with the parties, in an effort to join forces with a party that would make our aspirations more achievable. After serious deliberations and many discussions, it was decided that we cooperate with the Ecologists 'Movement-Citizens' Cooperation, for many reasons that we could develop, for those who are interested. We all hide an ecologist inside us. Also, the specific movement was not “arrested” to be entangled, bribed or even deceived and so on.

In the platform “MARCH OF CHANGE” we expect that citizens, groups, movements and formations will join, who will be able to maintain their voice and independence, but will fight together for purification, meritocracy and dignity.

Cyprus today needs politicians who do not need politics! 

Cyprus today is in urgent need of politicians with a clear voice, clear hands and a clear agenda!

Cyprus urgently needs a March for Change!

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