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OEB: 63.9% of companies increased prices

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OEB: 63.9% of companies increased prices

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An increase in the prices of their products / services in the last 6 months, states 63.9% of companies in OEB survey

63.9% of OEB member companies that participated in a relevant survey of the Federation, with the vast majority of companies, ie 9 out of 10 or 91%, stated an increase in the selling prices of their products / services in the last 6 months. %, to indicate that increases in sales prices amount to 30%.

7.1% answered up to 50% and only 1.9% answered that they have increased the prices over 50%, while about half of the companies or 47.1% expect that the increases will continue.

According to OEB, the aim of the survey, which was conducted only in electronic form between October 22 and November 3 and involved 637 companies / organizations, is to determine the amount of increases, the impact on business and the economy, the estimates for immediate future and finally measures to be taken to stop the situation, for your information.

According to the survey, in the next six months, about half of the companies or 47.1% expect that the increases will continue and 22.3% estimate that there will be delays in the import or production of products. Also, 12.4% expect that there will be a shortage of products including raw materials, 9.9% that there will be price stabilization and finally 5.3% of respondents indicate that there will be de-escalation and gradual reduction.

From the sample of companies, 9 out of 10 companies or 89.7%, answered that the price increases are attributed to the cost of transporting products and 82.1% answered that there is an increase in the cost of importing raw materials.

65.4% of companies stated that this is due to energy / fuel costs, 56.4% to container costs and 35.9% to final product or service costs. 1.3% cited the increase in labor costs and the decrease in production as reasons.

In addition, according to the results of the OEB survey, 86.1% of the responses received state that it will transfer part or all of the increase to consumers, while 41.6% stated that they will absorb the cost of the increase. 27.8% will make a change in the supply chain, find new suppliers and alternative markets / routes and 15.2% will have suspended some of the products or services it produces or supplies to consumers.

84.6% answered that the increases in the prices of products / services have led to a decrease in their profitability, while 43.6% answered that their sales have decreased and 26.9% a reduction in their operations.

According to the results of the OEB research, among the measures proposed by companies to deal with the phenomenon of increases is the reduction of excise duty on fuel (7 out of 10 companies or 71.7%), the reduction of VAT on basic items (6 out of 10 companies or 62.5%), the state subsidy part of the increases (5 out of 10 companies or 49.2%) and the strengthening of incentives for RES projects for businesses (4 out of 10 companies or percentage 43.3%).

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