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Pavlos Kontidis: The 4th place in the Olympics is important, but it is like getting the wooden medal

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Pavlos Kontidis: The 4th place in the Olympics is important, but it is like getting the wooden medal

The 4th place at the Olympic Games is a significant success, but it is like getting the “wooden” medal, said Pavlos Kontidis on Sunday, giving an appointment and a promise for higher in Paris in three years.

In his statements immediately after leaving the sea, Pavlos Kontidis said that he is not satisfied with the 4th place.

According to an announcement by the Cyprus Olympic Committee, Kontidis' thoughts also turned to his cancellation of the 7th race, which largely shaped the final result, a development about which, as mentioned, he spoke at length for the first time.

“It was something that the judges thought was wrong. I certainly did something that caught their attention, but these judges are not constantly in the water watching the boats or being so in friction with the boat that it moves. Especially this year, not many matches were played with the coronavirus. Something that is considered normal for the class (Laser), they considered it a violation, but I will not stop there. “Today I started from 4th place, I needed a good race, which in the end did not end up where I wanted”, he said specifically.

Pavlos Kontidis, despite the disappointment of the first moments, told everyone that he will be in Paris in three years to claim once again an Olympic medal and nothing less.

KOE states in its announcement that the big goal for Pavlos Kontidis to win a second Olympic medal was not achieved.

After a great effort in the “Medal Race” of the Laser category, he reports, he completed the race on August 1 in 6th place and at the same time his eight-day and eleven race effort in 4th place in the general classification with 88 penalty points.

Three more than those who would give him the bronze medal and six more than the silver.

Thus, Pavlos Kontidis completed his four Olympic participations so far. In Beijing in 2008 it took 11th place, in London in 2012 the second in Rio in 2016 the 7th and in Tokyo in 2020 the 4th.

The end of the race found the ten sailors to finish in the following order and add the following penalty points:
Baptist Bernage (Fra) 2
Matt Warn (AUS) 4
Philip Bull (GER) 6
Tonci Stipanovic (CRO) 8
Geimin Ha (KOR) 10
Pavlos Kontidis (CYP) 12
Herman Tomasgaard (NOR) 14
Carle Tapper (FIN) 16
Robert Skade (BRA) 18
Sam Mech (NZL) 20

This result gave the final general classification of the Laser category which was:
1. Matt Warn (AUS) 53
2. Tonci Stipanovic (CRO) 82
3. Herman Tomasgaard (NOR) 85
4. Pavlos Kontidis (CYP) 88
5. Philip Bull (GER) 91
6. Jean Baptiste Bernage (Fra) 92
7. Geimin Ha (KOR) 98
8. Robert Sade (BRA) 104
9. Carl Tapper (FIN) 109
10.Sam Mech (NZL) 109

The 4th place of Pavlos Kontidis is the second best place occupied by a Cypriot athlete at the Olympic Games.
He was preceded by his silver medal in London in 2012, while Antonis Nikolaidis was also ranked 4th in Beijing in 2008 in the Shooting Skate.

Source: KYPE

Source: politis.com.cy

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