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The National Guard is being modernized and strengthened according to the Ministry of the Interior

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The National Guard is being modernized and strengthened to continue to carry out its work and defend the territorial integrity of the Republic of Cyprus, he said in his greeting at the Artillery celebration, on the day of the feast of Saint Barbara, patron Saint of the Weapon, at the Lieutenant General Stylianos Kalbourtzis Camp , in Delikipos, the Minister of Defense Charalambos Petridis.

Mr. Petridis said that “the National Guard has high-level human resources, which when required proves its ability to cope with challenges who appear, with high morale, loyalty to the mission and above all love for the country”.

That is why the decisions he said, “that we take are always at the center together with the strengthening of the National Guard and our personnel”. the institution of Contracted Soldiers is further strengthened”. 

According to the Minister of Defense, it is now possible for those hired as SYOP in the National Guard to remain in the service until reaching the age of forty-two, replacing the previously applicable legislation, according to which the total duration of the contract of a SYOP was limited to 10 years, regardless of their recruitment age.

This amendment, he said, “constitutes the principle of strengthening the institution of SYOP”.

He added that “we are also working on other measures such as the possibility of their joining a new category of Army members after reaching the age of 42. The new category that will be created will have a compulsory termination age of 57 years, as is the case for the rest of the non-commissioned officers, but will provide for a specific procedure and selection criteria for the candidates, which will be incorporated into the Regulations”.

He thanked “the Ministry of Finance for its positive approach, but also the parliamentary defense committee and the Parliament for their undivided support, constructive cooperation and help, leaving aside political expediencies”.

As the Ministry of Defense, “we are fully aware of our responsibility and I assure you that we are making every effort to upgrade the capabilities of the National Guard”. from its ability to rapidly gather information, provide early warning and accurately engage long-range targets, Artillery is always high on our armament agenda as  the main battlefield support weapon”.

He noted that “we have proceeded to strengthen the Artillery and its capabilities regarding the emission of mass fire and precision fire. The Ministry of Defense aims to implement programs that will give upgraded capabilities to the EF, to deal with threats coming from the air, sea and land”.

Mr. Petridis stated that “one of the goals we have set is to create a modern effective air defense through the procurement of new systems”. can continue to carry out its work as the main defender of the territorial integrity of the Republic of Cyprus, while at the same time helping to strengthen the sense of security of the Greek Cypriot community and to strengthen its role as a pillar of stability in the wider region”.

Unchanged our goal, he said, “remains the solution of the Cyprus problem, through a sincere and honest dialogue, in accordance with the resolutions of the Security Council of the United Nations and the principles and values ​​of the EU. A solution that will secure the human rights and freedoms of all of citizens”.

This is our duty, he noted, “toward our fallen and missing in all the national struggles of our country. To make our country a free and reunited homeland, without occupation, which ensures peace and prosperity for the entire Cypriot people”.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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