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The unions are suspending the work stoppage in OKYPY

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The unions are suspending the work stoppage in OKYPY

In the suspension of the announced work stoppage in order to give time credit to OKYPY to apply all the employment regulations for all the Hourly Staff, without discrimination until 22/3/2021, the trade unions OEKDY SEK and PASYEK decided with a view to implementing of the regulations not implemented by OKYPY and partial solution of staffing problems.

In a joint announcement, which follows the meeting that took place last Friday 5/3/2021 with the Central Administration of OKYPY for the implementation of the regulations and employment conditions of the Hourly Staff, the unions OEKDY SEK and PASYEK PEO state that during the meeting “has It will also be agreed, that by 22/3/2021 all the problems will be solved and all the employment regulations of the Hourly Staff will be applied retroactively ”.

They report that on 22/3/2021 a meeting will be held between the Directorates of OKYPY to resolve the problem of conciliation and sincere cooperation in order to immediately resolve the problems faced by each Directorate.

“If all the employment regulations are not implemented by 22/3/2021 and the very serious problems that plague the hourly wage staff of OKYPY are not solved, it will lead to a 24-hour nationwide strike”, they conclude.


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Source: politis.com.cy

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