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You rest and the burglars work – Useful tips for protecting your property from the Police

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You rest and the burglars work - Useful tips for protecting your property from the Police

Holiday season and the Police warn the citizens about burglaries and thefts.

In a statement, it states that at this time, which is considered a high risk period for burglary and theft since many of our fellow citizens may be on summer vacation, the Police reminds us of some useful tips, both for your protection and your property.

• Do not leave clues that betray your absence. Make sure that doors, windows, skylights and other access points to the house are well locked and locked, such as exterior railings.

• Work closely with your trusted neighbors to monitor each other's homes. It is good for your relatives and trusted people to have access to the home and to monitor it at regular intervals.

• Do not leave the keys on the locks, not even on the inside of the door.

• Do not leave exposed money, jewelry, important documents or other valuables and where possible, keep them in a safe.

• Also, if you have an alarm system and a closed circuit TV, make sure that you have turned it on.

We also remind you of the dangers of posting personal data on social networking platforms. Posts, which leave signs of absence from the home should be avoided, because unwittingly, the owners target themselves resulting in becoming targets of burglars.

Therefore, in case you come across anything suspicious, call the nearest Police Station or Citizen Contact Line at 1460 or call the 112/199 hotline.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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