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4th Lidl Wellness Camp: Living consciously means living better

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4ο Lidl Wellness Camp: Ζουμε συν&epsilon ;ιδητΑ, σημαΙνει ζοΙμε καλΙτερα

A weekend dedicated to health, wellness and sustainability, organized for the 4th consecutive year by Lidl Cyprus. With lectures and experiential workshops by leading scientists and experts, the 4th Lidl Wellness Camp gave the public the opportunity to experience a more conscious lifestyle.

4ο Lidl Wellness Camp: Ζοyμε συνειδητà, σημ αiνει ζοyμε καλyτερα

Sometimes we have the feeling that we are drowning in habits… We eat mechanically, we don't have the energy to set goals, we let stress wear us down at work and as for exercise, we put it off from postponement to postponement. The idea of ​​changing our lives sounds like a very daunting task, like another big “should” hanging over our heads. In reality, however, big changes start with small steps that consolidate and become long-term habits. We just need to have the right guidance.

4ο Lidl Wellness Camp: Ζουμε συνει δητΑ, σημαΙνει ζοΙμε καλΙτερα

All those who were at the 4th Lidl Wellness Campat the “Rodon” hotel in Agros, they had the opportunity to obtain valuable supplies and practical tools to achieve long-term changes and build beneficial habits for their health and quality of life. A dream team of scientists and experts, through lectures and experiential workshops, cooking classes and gym breaks, showed the goal and the way.

4ο Lidl Wellness Camp: Ζουμε συνει δητΑ, σημαΙνει ζοΙμε καλΙτερα

The successful institution of Lidl Cyprus, is organized every year on the occasion of World Food Day >which is celebrated on October 16 and is a practical effort to raise awareness and educate the public on important issues, in a pleasant and experiential way. Participation and accommodation is completely free, since Lidl's goal is to spread a conscious lifestyle and a responsible attitude towards the environment as widely as possible in society.

4ο Lidl Wellness Camp: Ζουμε συνει δητΑ, σημαΙνει ζοΙμε καλΙτερα

Giorgos Dimitroulakis, Head of Communication and Corporate Responsibility Department of Lidl Cyprus in Cyprus and Nikoleta Michailidou, Dietician-Nutritionist and scientific associate of Lidl Food Academy, were the presenters of the program. Welcoming the audience, the General Manager of Lidl Cyprus, Vasilis Lagogiannis, focused on the theme of this year's World Food Day, which is the protection of water resources. “Lidl supports conscious eating, reducing food waste and sustainable water management”, he noted and added that the company is based on the tripartite “Good for the planet”, “Good for people” and “Good for you” describes our position.

4ο Lidl Wellness Camp: Ζούμε συνει δητΑ, σημαΙνει ζοΙμε καλΙτερα


Inspiring a new way of life

Maria Marco Picqua, a Paralympic weightlifter, spoke about how we can stand on the feet of our soul, achieving our goals no matter how lofty they may be. “When I hear 'I can't', I answer that there is only 'I don't want to' and you can be convinced of that by my own example,” he said. He called on the public to be more aware of people with disabilities, for example by leaving marked parking spaces free. “There are visible and invisible disabilities,” he added. “Let us have patience and understanding with all people because we never know what each of us is going through”.

4ο Lidl Wellness Camp: ΖοΙμε συνειδητα, σημαΙν&epsilon ;ι ζοψμε καλψτερα

Four leading Clinical Dietitians, through their lectures, developed three hot nutrition topics: Elene Andreu and Clinical Psychologist Maria Karekla, gave useful information and advice on the subject of ” emotional eating”, that is, the tendency to resort to food when we are looking for relief from negative emotions and they analyzed the importance of “conscious eating” which is the point. Nicoleta Michailidouexplained how we gain weight without realizing it when we miscalculate the amounts of food we consume. Christina Aristotelous analyzed three famous diets – intermittent fasting, ketogenic and detoxification – with chef Giorgos Georgiou preparing recipes on the spot.

4ο Lidl Wellness Camp: Ζούμε συνει δητΑ, σημαΙνει ζοΙμε καλΙτερα

Dr Nikos Constantinou, Associate Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at TEPAK, spoke about the importance of sleep in human health and the consequences of its lack especially for the teenagers. Dr. Myrtani Pieri presented the topic of longevity and what factors it depends on, Associate Professor at the University of Nicosia. Work stress and how we can deal with it long-term and effectively was highlighted in her presentation by Clinical Psychologist Eleni Karagiannis.

4ο Lidl Wellness Camp: Ζουμε συνειδητ ημαΙνει ζοΙμε καλΙτερα

Clinical Psychologist Anthi Loutsiou and Professor of Pediatrics Adamos Hatzipanagi discussed with the audience the topics of modern challenges in parent-child relationships, the need to cultivate mental resilience in children and the empowerment of parents. strong>. Two interesting topics related to public health were presented by Dr. Xenia Loizidou, Civil Engineer and president of the Center for Coastal Studies and Kulla Kika, Chemist at the State General Chemistry. The first talked about the problem of microplastics that are everywhere in the environment and the second gave useful information about pesticides and ways to shield our health from their use.

4ο Lidl Wellness Camp: Ζούμε συνει δητΑ, σημαΙνει ζοΙμε καλΙτερα

On the first day of the Camp the public had the opportunity to try yoga exercises with Christi Louka and on the second day to learn the art of Capoeira with < strong>Mestre Casquinha. The children had fun participating on both days in activities based on forest pedagogy, organized by the Forest Schooland on Saturday night a documentary was screened in an outdoor cinema set up on the site.

4ο Lidl Wellness Camp: Ζοyμε συνειδητà, σημαiνει ζ ουμε καλυτερα

Closing the two days, Giorgos Dimitrolakis, presented the actions of Lidl Cyprus within the framework of the company's Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. The long-term cooperation and financial support of the Anti-Cancer Association and the Red Cross, the Mind Reset educational program in schools in collaboration with the non-profit organization Junior > Achievement Cyprus, the cooperation with Aktifor beach cleaning, related field research and scholarships for talented kids at Anatolia College, are just some of them.

4ο Lidl Wellness Camp: Ζουμε συνει δητΑ, σημαΙνει ζοΙμε καλΙτερα

Lidl Cyprus is committed to continuing the effort, so that each of its actions leaves behind a positive imprint. Part of this goal is the dissemination as wide as possible in society, of thorough knowledge and the cultivation of a consumer culture that puts health and sustainability as a priority.

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