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Alkis Kampanos “resolved” the football conflict between primary school students

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Ο ‘Αλκησ Καμ&pi ;ανoς «eλυσε» την ποδοσφαιρικor δ ιένεξη μαθητόν δημοτικοy

< strong>A conflict between the students of E’ and of ST’ class, while a football match was in progress in the yard of the 7th Neapolis primary school, in western Thessaloniki, led to the creation of a mural and an event against fan violence for the final "solution" of the issue.

The face of Alkis Kampanos, the 19-year-old student who was murdered in February 2022 in the Harilaou area, slowly began to form on the wall of the primary school, so as to reconcile once and for all the young students and remind them, from now on , how sport unites and does not divide.

"Football is the children's favorite game at recess. The students, however, had disagreements regarding the application of the rules and the outcome. There was a lot of tension and the supervising teachers could not separate them. So we all agreed to have a more extensive conversation and an event about fan violence. Initially, there was a preparation in the classrooms, where the teachers discussed with the children who is a sports fan, who is a follower and who is a hooligan, what emotions are born and what are their favorite sports”, he said to the radio station of APE – MEB "Agency 104.9Fm" the director of the school, Eleni Vlachou.

After the preparatory work was done and the students created posters about the spirit of sports fans, an event about fan violence followed yesterday afternoon, with the participation of the Parents and Guardians Association and also the Structure of the 1st of February "In the Name of the Moose".

At the same time, the school's visual artist, Michalis Palapouidis, immediately got to work and began to form on the school wall the figure of Alkis, who will subtly look down on the students playing football. "In the mural, 'Alkis will observe the children playing. On the wall will be seen the shadow of the children and on their T-shirts will be written “me”, “you”, “each of us”. There will also be a child who will not be a shadow, but will be visible. This will be "Alkis and his name will be written on the shirt", explained the visual artist.

The unveiling of the mural, in the completion of which the students also participate, will take place on June 14, at the farewell celebration of the Neapolis primary school.

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Source: APE-MPE 

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