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And dormitories in settlements

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And dormitories in settlements

Βασός Βασιλείου

After the securitization of houses and apartments in government settlements, the beginning of their sale or rent to locals and even foreigners, the “new fruit” is the creation of student dormitories and has already begun, something that provoked reactions from locals. One of the reasons for the reaction concerns the occupation of parking lots which, however, do not belong to anyone, since they have never been registered in the property titles, as a result of which it takes place in all the settlements of the “occupation”.

The state, after the aron-aronization of the housing units for years, is only now proceeding with an effort to divide the parking spaces that exist around the houses and apartment buildings, something that opens the bag of Aeolus, since in order to make the division and registration in (one per unit) should be demolished illegal structures. This is taken for granted that it will be a big headache for the local authorities on the borders of which refugee settlements were built.

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The issue was discussed yesterday before the parliamentary Committee for Refugees and one of the affected Mr. Theofilos Psathas claimed that a planning permission was issued for the construction of four rooms on the site of a small building and even without parking spaces. As he said, the owner claims that he will buy parking spaces from refugees for € 2,500 each. He also said that others expressed their intention to build small hearths. However, it was unofficially leaked that the protester does not even live in the area and that he uses public space to park his boat.

On behalf of the Town Planning, Katerina Antoniou stated that, based on information received from the provincial office of Town Planning, the owner was entitled to build for it and was issued a town planning permit. For parking spaces in the wider neighborhood, he said that one will be given per unit and added that if public spaces are used by some for parking, it does not mean that the spaces belong to them. He also said that because these are refugee houses, no parking spaces are required. Citing the Provincial Urban Planning also stated that the vehicles in this development will be parked one behind the other. Deputies suggested that this would cause friction, as the tenants would be students and would not belong to the same family to communicate.

The mayor of Aglantzia, Andreas Konstantinou, stated that there are many illegalities in the settlements and that the Municipality is trying to find solutions, although this is not always possible.

AKEL MP Christos Christofidis observed that other developments will be erected in settlements and wondered whether the state has developed a unified policy to deal with the emerging trend.

The chairman of the Commission, Nikos Kettiros, asked to be answered in writing as to whether the allegations that the owner and the employee of the Town Planning who examined the application for the homes have a special relationship are true.

Source: www.philenews.com

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