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At 8.9% the vaccinations of children 5-11 years old

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At 8.9% the vaccinations of children 5-11 years old

Vaccinations of children 5-11 have reached a rate of 8.9%, said on Saturday the General Director of the Ministry of Health, Christina Giannaki, in statements at the vaccination center that operates in the state exhibition in Nicosia.

He said that this is the fifth walk in, made by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the President of the Cyprus Pediatric Society (PEK), Michalis Anastasiadis and the volunteer pediatricians, at the state exhibition, while the second installment is given in Limassol.

By that time, the volunteer pediatricians had given around 280 vaccines in the specific center, while at the walk in point ED in the state exhibition the first, second, third dose was given to whoever wanted, said Ms. Giannaki, noting that “approximately he does about 300 vaccines there. ” According to the General Manager, this program will continue.

“We will be in Limassol next Saturday as well. We will be in Larnaca and on Sunday we will be in the Diocese, in collaboration with the Metropolitan, the President of the Sufferers, Mr. Kouloumas. “The Minister of Health and the President of PEK will be with us to continue this great fight we are making for vaccinations”, he said and stressed that “especially for children's vaccines we have reached a percentage of 8.9%”. “The percentage” satisfies us and we continue this fight that we do on a daily basis “, he noted. He stated that the vaccination centers do not work only on Sundays.

He noted that the percentage of the general population that received the first dose is 74.7%, those who are fully vaccinated is 71.1% while the percentage of the adult population who are now fully vaccinated is 84.1%.

“We as the Ministry of Health have set a goal, to reach 75% of the general population fully vaccinated and we believe that with all this titanic effort we will succeed,” he added.

Asked how many children aged 5-11 have been vaccinated to date, Ms. Giannaki said that there are around 6,050 children and added that they continue every day, both in Latsia and in the State Fair, to do these walk in.

“That is, we have an increase in children every day. “These days, due to the frost, we may have only reached 5,000 vaccines a day, but again people will come and parents will bring their children,” he added.

Regarding the percentage of vaccinations in children aged 16-17, he said that “it has touched 56%” while in children 12-15 years “we have touched 46%”. “That is, we have a very good percentage and we are fighting to achieve it, because we must reach the goal we have said with the Minister of Health,” he noted.

Implementation of “test to stay” in schools

Invited to make an account of the implementation of the measure “test to stay” in schools, Ms. Giannaki said that they will see the results on Monday and will announce them.

“We will see how this program goes. “In order not to go ahead, because it is something very good, we will see the results on Monday and again we will inform you”, he added.

PEK President: Another 700 children were vaccinated today in Nicosia and Limassol

The President of the Cyprus Pediatric Society (PEK) Michalis Anastasiadis, when asked to assess the course of vaccinations, said that “we are absolutely happy” and added that “we remain mobilized, we continue the fight in good cooperation always with the Ministry of Health and especially the General Directorate , which is commonly accepted to give its soul for this battle “.

“It simply came to our notice then. We are by her side, by the state, providing all possible help we can offer and this help can not be other than our physical presence, which will continue next week, as announced by the General, in Limassol, Larnaca “and in the Diocese and where needed in the future,” he added.

He noted that today alone another 700 children have been vaccinated in Nicosia and Limassol.

“So, the number that you (the General Manager) had mentioned to you about the vaccination of children aged 5-11 until yesterday has already risen to around 7,000,” he said.

He said that in addition to the climatic conditions, in the past too many children had to stay confined at home, either as cases or as contact contacts. “So, yes, this effort is made with some obstacles, but it is an effort that will not stop until we reach the final goal, which is exactly the number mentioned by the General,” he concluded.


Source: politis.com.cy

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