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Berengaria, a new city in Limassol

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Berengaria, a new city in Limassol

In about a month from today, the final plans regarding the spatial plan of the former British settlement are expected to be submitted by the Town Planning, in order to activate the procedures for the utilization of the land fillet.

The ambitious plan to transform the former British settlement in Polemidia into an educational, research and sports pole of Limassol is beginning to take shape, in combination with the creation in the area of the Limassol Metropolitan Park. Almost a year after the decision of the Council of Ministers for the division of the area between the Technological University and the Municipality of Polemidia and a few months after the completion of the deforestation of the area, the plans are in their final stages. In the near future, in a period of one month as “P” is informed, the Department of Urban Planning and Housing is expected to complete and present through the competent ministry, to the Council of Ministers for approval, the final spatial planning of the area which will be incorporated in the local plan. Limassol. The design will include the road network and the location of the uses within the plot with a total area of 260 thousand sq.m. Immediately after, the plans for the utilization of the fillet are expected to be activated.

Third pole TEPAK

TEPAK plans the construction of a dormitory with a capacity of 450 beds, setting the horizon for the completion of the project at 4 years. At the same time, the creation of sports facilities for use by students and the general public of Limassol is planned, as well as laboratory-research centers which, together, will be the third pole of development of the university. TEPAK will set as a priority the construction of student dormitories in the southeastern part of the large plot, in order to address to some extent the housing problem faced by students in Limassol and has peaked in the last two years, due to the vertical increase in rents.

Speaking to “P”, the Vice Rector for Economic Planning and Development of TEPAK, Christis Chrysostomou, stated that the university is waiting for the final decisions from the state, in order to select the methodology for the construction of the centers, which, according to the feasibility study It is expected to cost EUR 36 million, an amount to be secured through a loan from the European Investment Bank.

Berengaria, a new city in Limassol

Metropolitan and Technology Park

On the other hand, the Municipality of Polemidia envisions the construction of an area of 4 thousand sq.m. which was granted to him, the new Municipal Hall, a project that according to the mayor Nikos Anastasiou is necessary even after the unification of the municipal authorities of the wider area of western Limassol. At the same time, part of Veregaria, and specifically an area of 40 thousand sq.m., will be transformed into a metropolitan park which will be connected through the linear park of Garyllis with the Limassol National Forest Park and the city center. Besides, in Berengaria and specifically in an area of 100 thousand sq.m. According to the decision of the Council of Ministers, the creation of the technology park that was originally intended for Pentakomo is planned. The site, according to Interior Minister Konstantinos Petridis, has been designated as a reception area for research centers and innovation centers by the private sector and large organizations abroad.

New Limassol Olympic Swimming Pool

The competent services are waiting for the final approvals from the Ministry of Finance in order to give the green light and to officially announce the construction of the new Limassol Olympic Swimming Pool in Veregaria, a project that the city has needed and claimed for years. The plan is being studied out of the limelight by the COM, the Municipality of Polemidia, the Limassol Nautical Club and the Ministry of Education. For this purpose, a techno-economic study has been prepared, based on which the cost of implementation of the project will amount to 3.9 million euros, and its architectural design has begun. The swimming pool will be built on the site of the community equipment that has been determined in Berengaria, with an area of 6.7 thousand sq.m. and will cover 50% of the space. It will include a 50 and 25 meter swimming pool, support rooms and stands. The Olympic standard swimming pool will meet all the needs of the track and field in Limassol and will be able to host international events and ensure the accessibility of people with disabilities. The issue was discussed at a meeting held on Thursday at the Ministry of Education, with the participation of KOA and the Municipality of Polemidia. For the implementation of the project, the CMO will assist with a significant amount of over one million euros.

Movement coordination

Next week will follow a meeting of the mayor of Polemidia Nikos Anastasiou with officials of TEPAK to coordinate their actions regarding the planning for the creation of sports facilities in Berengaria. The final plans for the developments that will be hosted by Berengaria should be examined by all stakeholders, so that the result is functional and beneficial for the world “, explained Mr. Anastasiou, stating the desire of the municipality to come to an agreement and coordination with the Cyprus University of Technology. As the creation of sports facilities in this area is included in the plans of TEPAK, Nikos Anastasiou stressed that projects with similar use should not be done by the municipality, emphasizing that it is important that there is no waste of space or resources.

Source: politis.com.cy

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