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Polis Chrysochous: The campsite of decline

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Polis Chrysochous: The campsite of decline

It has been almost ten years since the process of upgrading the camp site in the famous Dasoudi in Polis Chrysochous began, without changing anything until today. Due to disagreements in the municipal council, a solution is not expected to be found soon for its upgrade, with the result that the area remains in a miserable condition and is under-functioning during the summer months.

In the 80's the camping place enjoyed great glory and was one of the most famous destinations for many foreign visitors, mainly Germans. From the mid-90s, however, the space gradually began to degrade and turn from jewelry into a stain for the whole area. The camp site passed into the hands of the municipality in 2011. It was essentially granted in exchange for a symbolic rent by the Department of Forests, which is the owner of the site. It was preceded by its management by the CTO, which had also prepared plans for its upgrade.

It is an area of 82,609 square meters and the goal set 10 years ago was to create a modern campsite with all amenities. The master plan that was prepared then and wants to be implemented today by the municipality, among other things, provides for the preservation of the existing vegetation, while all the projects that are foreseen will be done with respect and taking into account the trees. Further efforts will be made to enrich the vegetation by planting new endemic plants that can withstand the conditions of the specific area.

The cost for the upgrade was estimated at 1.5 million euros, so the announcement of a tender for a strategic investor was chosen as a procedure. For this year, it is foreseen that the camp site will operate under the current regime, as has been the case in recent years. The municipal authority, according to the mayor Giotis Papachristofis, despite the differences with the administrator will seek to keep the area clean.

Problems… continued

The plans of the municipality have been delayed since 2011. The obstacle is now the site manager, who considers that he is an institutional tenant and puts forward various claims. The municipal council recently, following a relevant proposal by the mayor Giotis Papachristofi, decided by a majority to take legal measures for the eviction of the administrator, who owes the municipality and rents.

The administrator, for his part, claims that he has invested, is claiming compensation and does not intend to hand over the site. The committee that was set up recently came up with a compromise proposal, which was rejected by a majority of the municipal council. In fact, the majority has also addressed the Auditor General in order to strengthen its position for the rejection of the compromise. At the same time, the court process of evicting the administrator is in progress, but it can take many more years.

The situation in the area is deteriorating year by year and the camp area has been turned into a havousa. The absence of any control and rules for the accommodation of visitors and the movement of vehicles turns the camping area, especially on the weekends of the summer months, into a “Jewish hut” where everyone does what they want.

With respect to the environment

According to the master plan, the camp area is basically divided into three sections. In the southernmost and farthest area from the sea, caravans have been placed in 20 places. Caravan parking has been provided near this area, so that they do not become permanent in the area where they will camp. In the intermediate space, spaces for tents are provided, which include car parking spaces. This area will be the only one in which traffic will be allowed and has 68 seats.

In the northern part of the area and closer to the sea are the campsites that will be served by existing sanitary facilities which will be upgraded and expanded. Pedestrian networks will lead users through cleared paths to the sea. In all areas there will be the possibility of electricity supply.

In the area of the beach, the illegal buildings will be demolished and a cafeteria, restaurants, sanitary facilities, a lifeguard tower and others will be constructed to serve at the same time the visitors of the beach. On the southwest side of the area, a small natural lake will be created from water that gushes at that point, thus creating another special characteristic element.

Source: politis.com.cy

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