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Cablenet: The fastest growing mobile network in Cyprus.

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Cablenet: Το γρηγορτ&epsilon ;ρα αναπτυσσoμενο δκτυο κινητor&sigmaf ; στην Κyπρο.

Cablenet is the fastest growing mobile network in Cyprus, having already managed to exceed 100 thousand subscribers, while it is expected to significantly increase this number by the end of 2023. In a period of 18 months since its introduction with proprietary 4G and 5G spectrum as an integrated Mobile Network Operator (MNO), the This achievement is truly remarkable for the company. This becomes even more important considering the fact that Cablenet entered the mobile telephony market as the fourth player and this success is due to the launch of the disruptive proposition Purple Max Mobile, in May 2021. Despite all the market challenges, the very targeted strategy of Cablenetoverturned the already existing data, since in other similar cases both in Cyprus and abroad, third or fourth incoming mobile operators took 3 to 4 years to achieve the corresponding growth.

Cablenet: Το γρηγορτερ α αναπτυσσoμενο δκτυο κινητorσ &sigma την Κyπρο.

Being the fourth operator, Cablenet's strategy was based on disrupting the market in order to attract new subscribers. The degree of difficulty to create something innovative in an “already established” of three other providers was enormous. For the last 2 years Cablenethas captured an average of 40% of new subscriber activity through the portability process (transferring services from another provider). Cablenet spent a lot of time and effort in the strategy planning phase, well before launch, as this aspect was considered the most critical to achieving success. Everything was carefully planned, professionally executed and effectively communicated.

With the creation of the Purple Max Mobile product, emerging as the most popular plan, attracting more than 70% of new mobile subscribers, proved to be something the market was missing. The consumer's need for such a product was compelling. Purple Max Mobile is a truly unlimited plan, with no speed and data caps and free termination (with 30 days' notice).

Beyond unlimitedbenefits enjoyed by Cablenet subscribers, this impact that Purple Max Mobile had is of deeper importance, and created a wider impact on the Cypriot market. More specifically, this change forced the competition to follow the example of Cablenet, with the result that “All Unlimited” mobile plans made up 43.9% of all mobile plans on the market by the end of 2022 (according to the Report of the Office of the Commissioner of Electronic Communications and Posts Regulations-GERIET in March 2023). This bold choice by Cablenet has enabled all mobile users to now enjoy the benefits of unlimited talk time, SMS and data at very reasonable prices compared to pre-introduction price levels specific program.

The success of Cablenetit doesn't end here. It also moved strongly in the area of ​​prepaid telephony, presenting the Cablenet Purple Loop prepaid telephony product. In early 2022, Cablenet introduced the Gimme Max prepaid plan, which was designed for respective needs with rich benefits in talk time, SMS, and data. The Gimme Max plan offers its users a total of 1000 minutes of talk time, 1000 SMS and 100GB of data in a tempting validity period, making it the most advantageous prepaid option for its features.

Finally, its emphasis Cablenet's quality and impeccable customer service has attracted interest from all segments of the market, be it value proposition, quality of service, or those looking for a trusted brand. The metrics of the last 3 years in relation to Brand Equityshowed a noticeable rise, which reflects the clear and well-planned strategy for the Cablenet brand. It is particularly encouraging that the Cablenet brandis recognized and accepted as a provider of high quality and value, who treats its customers with respect and transparency. This finding is further supported by the company's first place in customer satisfaction metrics (CSAT) and recommendation metrics (Net Promoter Score or NPS) in all fixed and mobile market segments. The survey confirms that the majority of telecommunications service users (both Cablenet subscribers and non-Cablenet subscribers) are open to considering, acquiring and recommending Cablenet as a telecommunications provider and brand. All of this counts in creating and maintaining a successful path for Cablenet.

In the coming months, Cablenetwill definitely have more to announce to the market. A first obvious development is the development of the 5G network, following several announcements and developments in the commercial sector planned for Cablenet subscribers. The company's promise to all customers who trust it is to continue striving to maintain the lead in terms of customer satisfaction and recommendation levels, being committed to each and every customer and being firmly committed to improving the organization day by day . Our mission is to provide World Class service and customer trust as a cornerstone!

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