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Ch. Polykarpou: If the Minister Finance means his findings about the banks, to proceed with actions

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<p>By Alexia Kafetzis</p>
<p style=In his interview yesterday, the Minister of Finance states that the inflation of Cyprus does not justify the high lending rates, leaving spikes for the arrogant and extortionate way in which the banking system operates in Cyprus, taking advantage of the continuous interest rate increases. We welcome the Minister's finding, even if it is made with a long delay. Of course, the government's projects and decisions have more value – beyond the findings. General reports and wishful thinking have been tried in the past and failed.

That is why if the Minister really means what he finds he has an obligation to convince the government to proceed with specific steps:

First, to restore the support measures for society that he ended after the Minister of Finance himself finds that the extraordinary conditions in the economy continue to burden with unexpected finances burdens on households and businesses.

Secondly, to make use of AKEL's proposal for an extraordinary end to the unexpected profits of banks in order to support borrowers and new couples in a targeted way for the acquisition of housing.

Thirdly, the government should not keep its words and finally implement what it has announced for a long time regarding the interest rate subsidy and the housing policy .


Source: 24h.com.cy

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