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Chapter mobile phones in schools, the intention to ban and time is pressing

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Recently, the debate on the banning of mobile phones in schools of all levels has opened up for good, especially after the passing of the new regulations for the operation of primary schools, since there was such a provision for banning mobile phones, with OELMEK putting before the President of the Republic the specific issue. The Ministry of Education, however, appears ready to discuss the issue of the ban, however, various questions arise as to whether it is possible to ban mobile phones in schools or not.

In the last ten days, the issue of banning mobile phones in schools came to the surface again, after there were reports from the Ministry of Education, that thoughts are being given on how to introduce the provision for the banning of mobile phones in middle schools and high schools, after the introduction of related provision in Primary Schools, with the new regulations. A much-discussed topic, which in recent years has taken on a different dimension, since the development of technology has caused new developments, with children having associated their daily life with the constant use of mobile phones.

The Ministry of Education, as it became known, is oriented towards the same model as the Primary Schools for the High Schools, which means a complete ban on mobile phones in the school units, however Athena Michailidou herself made it clear that they want to differentiate the decisions for the High Schools, since it is more mature children, who need a different approach. This means that the extension of the practice applied in Technical Schools, where students leave mobile phones in lockers or switched off in their bags, before entering classrooms, is being considered.

However, this raises several questions as to how this practice will be implemented, given that the students of Lyceums are relatively more numerous than those of Technical Schools. Also, if one considers the size of a High School and a Technical School, the question arises as to whether the specific measure is trial and effective.

It is noted that based on the regulations currently in force in schools, the presence of mobile phones in classrooms, events or gatherings is prohibited, with students facing various punishments. Specifically, only for the presence of mobile phones in classes, events or gatherings there are punishments ranging from observation to expulsion, while for the use of mobile phones the punishments are expulsion with suspension or normal expulsion for up to three days.

And despite the fact that these penalties exist, most people know that in recent years no “penalty” has been applied to students, thus increasing the problem. This was also the reason why OELMEK had raised the issue before the President of the Republic, at the meeting held at the beginning of the week, stressing that at the moment there are many problems in the operation of schools.

A position that is a common secret and has also caused an increase in violence and delinquency in schools, since students imitate each other and many times, several of the “challenges” that exist on the Internet are the causes of serious incidents of beatings , bullying but also sexual harassment and abuse in school units. The attitude of the Ministry of Education and the teachers on the issue shows that they are ready to take drastic solutions to alleviate the problem.

However, the Ministry of Education is asked to find the formula, as quickly as possible, given that there will have to be legislation and if the aim is to implement it from the new school year, then it should be tabled in Parliament in the next few weeks, so that immediately after returning from the school holidays double elections in June. Again, time will be limited as Parliament will only be in session for a month until it adjourns for the summer, meaning either the Ministry of Education will open the debate and conclude after the autumn, or it will be rushed and voted on before the summer, with the possibility that there will be modifications at a later stage.

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