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Conviction of two companies for violations of the Safety and Health Legislation

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Conviction of two companies for violations of the Safety and Health Legislation

The criminal prosecution against two companies for violations of the Legislation for Safety and Health at Work imposed by the District Court of Nicosia in 2021, was promoted by the Department of Labor Inspection.

According to an announcement by the Department, as a result of these prosecutions, the Nicosia District Court convicted the two companies in 2021.

Specifically, he sentenced the company “PISSISLIMITED”, which is active in the field of plate manufacturing, to a total fine of € 4,000, for two total violations related to “failing to maintain a suitable guard on the cutting disc of a woodworking type saw”.

As a result of this omission, “an employee of the company, while using the machine, came in contact with the cutting disc of the machine and suffered amputation of three fingers in the left hand”.

The company “PISSISLIMITED” was also convicted for failing to implement an appropriate security system or risk management system, for the implementation of preventive and protective measures determined on the basis of the written risk assessment, the manual of safety methods for using machine tools, its minutes meeting of the Safety Committee and the maintenance register of the equipment related to the accident in question “.

According to the Labor Inspection Department, the Nicosia District Court also convicted the company “CYFIELDASPHALTCOLTD (formerly NEMESISASPHALTCOLTD)”, which operates in the construction sector, for which a total fine of € 3,000 was imposed, for two violations.

The first concerns the “failure to send or serve written notice to the Chief Inspector at least 14 days prior to the commencement of the asbestos work, indicating the details of the employer sending the notice, a brief description of the asbestos form, the maximum amount of asbestos and of the processes to be carried out, the number of employees involved and the date of commencement of the works, before the execution of excavation works of the trench and replacement of the asbestos pipes with plastics “.

The second violation concerns the “failure to prepare and submit to the Chief Inspector for approval of a Work Plan for the execution of trench excavation works and replacement of asbestos pipes with plastics, which describe, among other things, the nature and possible duration of the works, their place of execution. the methods to be used, as well as the equipment for the protection and disinfection of both staff and persons at work and third parties “.

Source: politis.com.cy

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