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Cyprus SafePass for travel, up to EU certificate

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Cyprus SafePass for travel, up to EU certificate

Eleftheria Paizanou

Vaccination certificates, aimed at facilitating our fellow citizens who want to travel, as a temporary measure until the implementation of the European Digital Certificate COVID-19, will begin to be issued today by the Ministry of Health.

Certificates can be requested from individuals intending to travel abroad within June. According to an announcement, they will be published in Greek and English, only in the following points:

Nicosia: Old Nicosia Hospital, Nehrou Avenue, Agios Andreas, T.T. 1102, Nicosia. Limassol: Maternity Center, Old Limassol Hospital, Leontiou A '188, T.T. 3022, Limassol. Larnaca: Vaccination Center, Larnaca Port, Larnaca Port. Paphos: Maternity Center, Paphos General Hospital, Ahepans 8026, PO Box 8100, Paphos. Famagusta: Maternity Center, Famagusta Health Center, 25 Christou Kkeli, T.T. 5310, Paralimni.

The issuance of the certificate will require a visit of the beneficiary to the above points, with the presentation of the Vaccination Card and the Identity Card or Passport, for identification purposes.

It is reminded that for trips to Greece, the issuance of a Vaccination Certificate is not required and the beneficiaries can present the Vaccination Card issued by the Vaccination Centers. According to the ministry, the use of the SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination Certificate is temporary and will be automatically abolished with the implementation of the European Digital Certificate COVID-19 on July 1, which will be used by all European Union countries for travel purposes.

The appointment of the Tax Officer is permanently invalid

The danger is visible that dozens of decisions of the Tax Commissioner Giannis Tsagaris will be annulled, after the decision of the Supreme Court to ratify a decision of the Administrative Court to annul the appointment of Mr. Tsagaris to the position of registrar. The Administrative Court had ruled that the appointment of the Tax Officer was unconstitutional. The Republic then filed an appeal, which was rejected yesterday by the Supreme Court. The Administrative Court had ruled that the decision issued, based on article 4 (1) of the Law on Taxation (Law 70 (I) / 2014), which entrusts the power to appoint a Tax Officer to the Council of Ministers, instead of E .Δ.Υ. was in violation of Articles 122-125 of the Constitution. The rejection of the appeal is expected to be followed by a new decision of the Supreme Court for the Assistant Superintendents, since their own appointments were deemed unconstitutional. The Republic also appealed for this, but the decision for the Superintendent may be a harbinger for the Assistant Superintendents. Following these data, the Tax Department will remain headless, while the government, in order to be able to proceed with the appointment of Tax Registrar and Assistant Tax Registrar, will have to submit a bill to Parliament, which will fill the gaps that exist today.

Source: www.philenews.com

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