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EAC: The Board of Directors acted as it should regarding the irreconcilability of its member

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ΑΗΚ: Το ΔΣ επρα ξε ως oφειλε αναφορικa με το ασυ&mu

The Board of Directors of EAC, in its announcement, states that it acted as it should within the framework of its jurisdiction defined by the Law, regarding the irreconcilable member of the Board of Directors.

Responding to a related publication, clarifies that the President and the Members of the Board of Directors had no prior information about any incompatible professional activities of this Member. At the same time, as soon as the President and the Members of the Board of Directors of EAC were informed about this issue, an investigation was immediately ordered and they immediately responded to the Incompatibility Committee.

The specific issue, as reported, is  competence of the Incompatibility Committee which is subordinate to the State. The EAC also reminds that the Members of all Boards of Directors in Parastatal Organizations are appointed by the respective Governments.

"According to the legislation, within three months of assuming public office, appointed persons are required to submit a declaration of professional incompatibility. These statements are understood to include personal data that is highly confidential and to which the President or other Members of the Board of Directors have no access, it states.

According to the above, the Board of Directors and the Management of EAC, it is noted , they had neither access nor information about the content of the declaration of professional incompatibility of the specific Member of the Board of Directors, as well as they do not have jurisdiction to conduct an investigation or examination of their own accord.

It is also reported that on February 6, 2023, the Incongruity Committee sent a confidential letter to the President of the EAC Board of Directors, Despoina Panagiotou Theodosiou,  for the possibility of an incompatible Board Member, for a specific reason with specific information – ownership of a PV park that had a contract with the EAC – with the directive to be informed and placed.  The President, it is added, after receiving the letter on February 09, 2023, requested in writing that the requested investigation be conducted to establish the correctness of the information by sending a letter to the Director General of the Organization dated February 10, 2023.

« The Director General informed the President of the EAC Board of Directors with a letter dated February 13, 2023 and the following day the President of the EAC Board of Directors forwarded her reply letter to the President of the Incongruity Committee. It is noted that at the same time, on February 15, 2023, the President of the EAC Board of Directors was informed by the Member that he submitted his resignation, it is reported.

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