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Elsa Anastasiadis: To Apostolos Andreas for a pilgrimage (Photo)

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ΕλσαΑασιδη: ΣτονΑπ τοαραπροκηοσ ;)

“From Rizokarpasos to Apostolos Andreas, time stopped”

In an emotional post on her personal Facebook account, she continued yesterday , Tuesday, May 7 Elsa Anastasiadis, from her visit to Apostolos Andreas.

The daughter of Nikos and Andri Anastasiadis published wonderful snapshots of the trip she made to the northernmost point of Cyprus, while she was moved by what she wrote in the caption.< /strong>

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Features wrote: “Today I fulfilled a much-desired pilgrimage. To the Apostle Andreas. It was one of the most touching and shocking moments of my life. …. Incredible route… great anxiety until we see the monastery in front of us…. From Rizokarpasos to Apostolos Andreas, time stopped…. luckily they are as I remember them from the photos in the books.. The only sign that is not written in Turkish…. she is the one who leads us to the Monastery of Apostolos Andrea”.

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Ελσααασιδη: Στον πσοΑδρα προκνημα ;ος)

Eλσα Αναστασιδ ητοαοο γικ ;yνημα (Φoτος)

Eλσα Αναστασιδ ητοαοο γικ ;yνημα (Φoτος)

Eλσα Αναστασιδ ητοαοογικ ;yνημα (Φoτος)

Έλσα Ανασιδη Απoστο λνδρα προημα ></p>
<p><img decoding=

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