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Ferry: Cheaper tickets from Larnaca – For €68 you go to Greece with a return trip

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Ακτοπλοκor: Φ&theta ;ηνoτερα τα εισιτorρια απo Λàρνακα – Με €68 πας Ελλαδα με επιστροφor< /p>

May 31 Daleela sets sail for Piraeus – All itineraries and prices for cabin, chair, vehicles and pets

On Wednesday 31st May at 13:00 noonthis year the Daleela will set sail. >from Limassol to Piraeus.

The ship's owning company, Scandro Holding Ltd, posted on its website both the dates of the routes and the prices for cabins, air chair and vehicle transport. As is known this year, there will be routes from Larnaca as well.

More specifically, according to the update from Scandro Holding Ltd, there will be a total of 22 routes to Piraeus. 14 will start from Limassol and 8 will start from Larnaca.

From Limassol the first route will leave onMay 31 and the last one will depart from Limassol on Sunday, July 23 and return from Piraeus on July 26.

The starting point will then be transferred to the Port of Larnaca. The first route from the city of Zeno will depart for Piraeus on Saturday 29 July at noon. The last route will depart from Larnaca on Friday 1 September and return to Larnaca from Piraeus on Saturday 2 September.

Please note that the journey from Limassol takes approx30 hours while from Larnaca 2 hours more, i.e. about 32 hours.

See below in detail the table with routes:

Ακτοπλοyκor: Φθη νoτερα τα εισιτorρια απo Λaρνακα – &Mu ;ε €68 πας Ελλδα με επιστροφor

The prices – Slightly cheaper tickets in Larnaca

In terms of prices, there is little difference in prices between Limassol and Larnaca. It does not concern the price of the farebut the Taxes imposed by the Ports of Larnaca and the Ports of Limassol respectively.

More specifically, for example, for tickets in a 1st Class single cabin, the return price from Limassol is €145.98, while the same cabin from Larnaca is €138.60. round trip the difference is about €8., but the difference is in the taxes imposed by the Ports.

It is also worth mentioning the prices for the airline seat (travel without a cabin, that is). From Limassol return is €75.98 return while from Larnaca the price for an airplane seat is €68.60. It is noteworthy that the fare price from the company for airline chair is just €5. The remaining amount is Port taxes.

Prices for vehicle transfer

Vehicle transfer will cost return€212.98 in Larnaca and in Limassol€223.10.

Motorcycle transportation from Larnaca costs €140.94 return, while from Limassol €141.80.

Please note that the cost for transporting a vehicle is in addition to the cost of the ticket for the passenger/driver.

Regarding transporting a pet, from both ports the same prices apply. Pets in cabin €100 return and kennel €70 return.


< p>Ακτοπλοκor: Φθη νoτερα τα εισιτorρια απo Λaρνακα – &Mu ;ε €68 πας Ελλδα με επιστροφor


Ακτοπλοκor: Φθη νoτερα τα εισιτorρια απo Λaρνακα – &Mu ;ε €68 πας Ελλδα με επιστροφor

As informed by Brief, next Monday 10/4 all the information about the tickets will be announced in a press conference as well as when the platform will be opened for buying tickets. The Deputy Ministry of Shipping will also participate in the journalistic event.

It is emphasized that this year the partner of Scandro Holding Ltd for the issuance of tickets in Cyprus will be the Orthodox Travel company, while in Greece the company bbtair. Citizens in Cyprus will be able to buy tickets online as well as from local Orthodoxou Travel stores.

As we are informed, this year there will also be the possibility to use the internet. on board for those who wish for an additional fee.

Efforts continue for routes to/from Israel

In another development, as informed by Brief, the new Deputy Minister of Shipping Marina Hatzimanoli and the company Scandro Holding Ltd continue their contacts with Israeli ports to start the shipping connection with neighboring Israel. It is possible that an agreement will be reached and some routes will be made from this year.

source: Brief (By SOTIRIS NIKIFOROU)

Source: 24h.com.cy

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