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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

France: Parliament approves extension of health pass until 31 July 2022

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France: Parliament approves extension of health pass until 31 July 2022

The French parliament today approved the extension of the “health pass” in the country until July 31, 2022, after the presidential elections scheduled for spring, provoking the anger of the government's opponents.

The National Assembly, which had the last word on the issue, approved the “health vigilance” bill promoted by the government to tackle the covid-19 epidemic.

Among the basic provisions of the bill is the extension of the validity of the health pass until July 31, 2022, unless the government decides to abolish it earlier, but also the extension of the transitional regime of emergency health – in the context of which restrictions are imposed on demonstrations, the movement of citizens, etc. — but also on the ability of school principals to monitor the vaccination status of students.

The “health pass” against covid-19 can be obtained by those who are fully immunized or have a recent negative coronavirus test in order to be able to enter many public places, such as bars, cafes, cinemas and other means of transport that travel long distances.

This pact came into force on August 9 for access to many places of entertainment, sports and culture, while from August 30 it is obliged to have 1.8 million employees in various sectors who come into contact with the public.

Refusing to give a “blank check” to the government, the senators proposed last Friday that the validity of the health pass be extended until February 28, when the work in the two houses of parliament is scheduled to be suspended in view of the presidential and parliamentary elections in the spring of 2022. .

“The provisions of the bill are fully justified by the health situation and its development in the coming months,” said Undersecretary of the Family Adrien Take, at the beginning of the debate in parliament yesterday, at a time when the covid-19 epidemic seems to be reviving, despite the fact that more than 75% of the French have been immunized.

For this reason, yesterday the government announced that from next week it will be mandatory to use a mask in the primary schools of 39 districts, where more than 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants are recorded.


Source: politis.com.cy

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