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Fuel prices stabilized at high levels – Developments in the Middle East without “side effects”

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Σταθεροποιθη κτητωνσω&Chi ;ωρσ«πρεειειλΙε&iota ;στν Ανλor

< b>Fuel prices seem to be stuck at high altitudes, which, after the upward trend they took in the last month, have stabilized for a week now, which on the one hand leaves satisfaction in the fact that they have not continued to increase further towards up, while on the other hand, there is frustration as there is no hope that they will decrease.

For their part, the gas station owners see the glass as half empty because of the prices, since they see consumers arriving at the gas stations and being particularly worried, for the simple reason that the prices of fuel are quite high and thus they are limited to the liters of fuel that will be supplied . However, due to the fact that the price of a barrel internationally has fallen below 90 dollars and hovers around 88 dollars, gas station owners estimate that there will be no further increase, but not a significant reduction in prices either.

Comparing the prices prevailing today all over Cyprus, the average price for Amolybdi 95 is 1.57 euros, while the cheapest is 1.51 euros and the most expensive is 1.62. At the same time, Amolybdis 98, the average price is at 1.64 euros, with the cheapest price at 1.56 euros and the most expensive at 1.72. As for diesel, its average price is 1.60 euros, with the cheapest price at 1.54 and the most expensive at 1.64. Also, the average price of heating oil is at 1.13 euros, with the cheapest price at 1.06 euros and the most expensive at 1.25.

At the same time, the gas station owners claim that Iran's attack against Israel did not ultimately have an impact on fuel prices, and as can be seen from the data so far, gas station prices have not been affected, nor are they going to vary much, since it has stopped to continue the lawless situation that prevailed recently in the Middle East.

Of course, the fact that prices have remained high is not something that works in favor of gas stations , but on the contrary, since their revenues from the sale of fuel are plummeting and their profit is significantly lower, compared to the previous months when prices were at lower levels.

In fact, for the umpteenth time, gas station owners, especially those located near the Green Line, express their concern about the non-stop flows to the occupied territories, where Greek Cypriots rush to get cheaper fuel and return back to the free areas, at the same time denouncing the controls that take place at the roadblocks.

See below in detail the fuel prices and the cheapest gas stations:

Lead-free 95

  • Average Price in € (All Cyprus)1,574
  • Cheaper Price in € (All Cyprus)1,515
  • Most Expensive Price in € (All Cyprus)1,623

Σταθεροποιorθη κτητωνσω&Chi ;ωρσ«πρεειειλΙε&iota ;στν Μσατολor

< b>Lead-free 98

  • Average Price in € (All Cyprus)1,648
  • Cheapest Price in € (All Cyprus)1,569
  • Best Price in € (All Cyprus)1,729

Σταθεροποιorθη κτητωνσω&Chi ;ωρσ«πρεειειλΙε&iota ;στν Ανλor

< b>Motor Oil

  • Average Price in € (All Cyprus)1,604
  • Cheapest Price in € (All Cyprus)1,544
  • Best Price in € (All Cyprus)1,649

Σταθεροποιθη κτητωνσω&Chi ;ωρσ«πρεειειλΙε&iota ;στν Ανλor

< b>Heating oil

  • Average Price in € (All Cyprus)1,136
  • Cheapest Price in € (All Cyprus)1,065
  • Best Price in € (All Cyprus)1,257

Σταθεροποιorθηκαν στα yψη οι τιμeς των καυσΙμων-ΧωρΙς «παρενeργειες» οι εξελiξεις στην Μeση Ανατολor

Source: reporter.com.cy

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