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Government, Attorney General and DISY leave only the Minister of Education exposed

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Government, Attorney General and DISY leave only the Minister of Education exposed

It seems that the Minister of Education, Prodromos Prodromou, is left alone, after a second vacancy in just a few days. The Council of Ministers (in which he participated), the Speaker of Parliament, the Attorney General and DISY left the Minister of Education exposed for handling the case of Art Professor George Gabriel.

“Magnificence” of the Minister

The Council of Ministers decided to put an end to the scandal created by the indictment against G. Gabriel for his trial by the Education Service Committee (EVS), authorizing Prodromos Prodromou to ask the Attorney General to terminate the disciplinary proceedings. However, the Council of Ministers “judged” Gabriel, also ruling on his “guilt”. A statement issued by the presidency of the Republic states that “there has been a violation of the letter and the spirit of the regulations governing the conduct of education officials and directors”. In a show of “magnanimity”, the government asked the Attorney General to stop his disciplinary action before the EVS, because “political forces and bodies of letters and arts considered that freedom of artistic expression was being persecuted, even if for a large portion”. is a challenge and an insult to institutions “.

In essence, the Council of Ministers politically dismissed the Minister of Education, something that happened a few days ago from the President of the Republic himself, who had asked for explanations for the order to tear page 36 from the English textbook of the 2nd Lyceum. The President had stated that this case wanted a different approach, while making strong hints for a more efficient operation of the ministry.

He also involved Yen. prosecutor

The involvement of the Attorney General George Savvidis, whom the Minister of Education tried to present as responsible for the disciplinary prosecution of Gabriel, was included in the series of unfortunate manipulations of Prodromos Prodromos.

Specifically, Prodromos Prodromou, washing his hands, blamed the prosecution of teacher George Gabriel in the Legal Service, implying that the one who decided the prosecution was the Attorney General. The PR. Prodromou, speaking on state radio, said that the decision to refer Gabriel before the Education Service Committee, for the content of his works, was taken by the Legal Service, with the Ministry of Education being obliged to order an investigation and refer its conclusion. , under the regulations, to the Advocate General. However, what he failed to clarify is that the Attorney General had ruled that the commission of criminal offenses is not established, while for the disciplinary competent authority is the Ministry. Education. The Legal Service, as a legal advisor to the government, would duly represent the Ministry. Education in disciplinary proceedings the EVS.

The Attorney General was forced to make a public statement yesterday, categorically rejecting the responsibilities that the Minister of Education tried to impose on him. Mr. Savvidis clarified that “political decisions to initiate or revoke disciplinary proceedings, based on the law, are the responsibility of the competent authority, which, in this case, is the Ministry of Education. We, as the Legal Service, decide on criminal responsibilities, and in this case we decided that we will not proceed with a criminal investigation “.

AKEL: To go home

The issue took on serious political dimensions, with AKEL even going so far as to demand the resignation of the Minister of Education. More specifically, the party's MP and member of the Education Committee, Christos Christofidis, opened fire against Fr. Prodromou “for his refusal to take responsibility for his actions”, adding at the same time that he is used to shifting the responsibilities elsewhere, as he did by tearing the page with Kemal Ataturk. In fact, he characteristically stated that, “after the latest developments, the Minister of Education must understand that there is only one way of political correctness and respect. “To resign and go home.”

Only with ELAM

It is worth noting, however, that Prodromos's manipulations were not “understood” even by the Democratic Alarm, which openly opposed the disciplinary prosecution of Gabriel. Only ELAM supported Prodromou's choices, even calling for the professor to be prosecuted.

DISY made it clear in a statement that it does not agree “with the disciplinary prosecution of anyone for their personal artistic work, no matter how offensive it is considered. “Freedom of artistic expression and its courageous critique are integral elements of our liberal democracy and are not selectively invoked, as many of its late 'supporters' do today.” At the same time, DISY parliamentary representative Nikos Tornaritis took a stand on the issue, writing on his personal Twitter profile that “freedom of artistic creation is inviolable. The persecution against the painter Gabriel #Cyprus is out of place and time “. The attitude of the Speaker of the Parliament, Mrs. Annita Dimitriou, was also clear, stating that, “one is the criticism and the opposite aesthetic views towards Art and another is to be persecuted for how you express yourself artistically. “Democracy and Education are not threatened by any art form and no one is meant to be persecuted for their artistic expression.” OELMEK is on the same wavelength, with the vice-president Mr. Themis Papapoliviou stating to “P” that the educational organization is on the side of Professor Gabriel, who has the right – like all people – to express himself as he wants.

Thanks Gabriel

It is noted that, after the decision of the Council of Ministers to end the disciplinary prosecution of the art teacher, George Gabriel himself expressed his gratitude, writing, among other things, on Facebook that “(…) we proved that when we want we can. Freedom is gained only through struggles, no one gives it to us. Thank you all!”

Letter from the Legal Service to the EVS to withdraw the prosecution of Gabriel – The Attorney General implements the decision of the Minister

Hear the Attorney General empty Emperor Prodromos too: The Legal Service did not give instructions for the prosecution of Gabriel (audio)

Minister: Gabriel is “guilty”, but the Attorney General should immediately end his prosecution because politicians and bodies of Letters / Arts are shouting

Gabriel after the decision of the Minister to stop his persecution: Thank you all, freedom is gained only through struggles

Source: politis.com.cy

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