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Government “war” – DIKO against the backdrop of the Seychelles

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The President of DIKO exceeded all limits of political ethics, with an unprecedented well-planned and continuously planned moral attack against the President of the Republic Nikos Anastasiadis with weapons of mud, implication and devilishness, he states in a written reply to his President DIKO the Government Spokesman Kyriakos Kousios.

As he notes, “choosing an unprecedented yellow and outside of any political culture of the place election campaign, exceeds any measure and limit tolerable for the Cypriot data, questioning, without evidence and with implication, the honesty, integrity and dignity of the President of the Republic trying to tarnish his reputation “.

According to a statement from the Presidency, in his written response, Mr. Kousios also states that the President of DIKO has reached the point of “accusing the President of the Republic of alleged criminal offenses in connection with a private family trip and with the Co-operation”.

Recalls that the President of the Republic answered in writing, in detail and thoroughly the questions of the members of the Parliamentary Audit Committee, even on issues that were beyond the constitutional responsibilities of the Committee and goes on to say that he did the same under oath, telling the truth before the Investigative Committee. Committee chaired by Myron Nikolatos.

“Therefore, we will not follow Mr. Nikolas Papadopoulos in the pre-election descent he has chosen, having the mistake of securing more votes in the upcoming parliamentary elections,” the spokesman added.

Finally, he notes that the President of the Republic is currently dealing with the serious problems of the country and the people, such as the pandemic, the support of the economy, workers and businesses and the preparation of the crucial informal conference on the future of Cyprus and of our people.

The following is the previous statement of the President of DIKO:

“In relation to the second visit of the President of the Republic to the Seychelles, unfortunately what we have found even today in the Audit Committee is the” secret “continues.

Once again, the President of the Republic refused to tell the whole truth about the service he received from this Saudi investor.

And today the President of the Republic refused to give to the Audit Committee of the Parliament, although he has been asked in writing to submit relevant evidence for the payment of this trip, he refused to do so

It is recalled that the PD had been explicitly asked several days ago to answer and clarify to the Audit Committee whether the private plane which today admitted for the first time that it used to go to the Seychelles in 2015, had been given to him either for free either on favorable terms. Because issues of moral political order arise from both of these scenarios.

If this plane was given at a low price as claimed by the PD today, then a major political issue arises as to the possibility of providing compensation for the service of this particular Saudi as it arose a few days after the plane returned with the naturalization of his second wife, who according to the Kalogiros Research Committee, was illegal,

There is also the issue of violation of the Code of Conduct of the government of Mr. Anastasiadis, which he may consider to apply to all other officials but not to him.

But if this plane, this private jet, was given to the PD and his family for free, then there may be a criminal offense committed by the PD. As in such a case it means that he has given false testimony under oath before the Research Committee of Nikolatos. And in such a case it means that the PTA has committed the criminal offense of forgery.

We call once again on the President of the Republic to stop hiding, to tell the truth to the Cypriot people, to present these evidences of the payment of the plane, if any.

“If they do not exist and he has lied, he should apologize to the Cypriot people. Otherwise, every citizen of this state has the right to believe that the PTA is guilty of criminal offenses.”

(For Collaboration)

“In relation to the Co-operation, both Mr. Arestis in his report and Mr. Costas Clerides almost 2 years ago, have identified the possible commission of criminal offenses in the case of the Co-operation management.

Two years later, no criminal prosecution has been brought to justice. And because these cases may concern politicians such as the President of the Republic, the Minister of Finance, the administration of Cooperation, we as a Parliament must demand transparency and we as a Parliament must control the possibility of covering up the investigation of these criminal offenses.

And when we notice that two years later no relevant evidence has been received to substantiate these criminal offenses, then yes, the conclusion of the cover-up and this scandal is reasonably raised.

Therefore, when we see that in the past the police not only revealed those from whom they requested deposits but also made relevant announcements to the press, the question arises why in the case of Cooperation it is a seven-seal secret from whom they have received deposits, if they have received these deposits.

Therefore, even in this case, we consider that a major issue is raised to cover up another scandal “.

Source: www.philenews.com

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