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Handcuffs to another 3, at 12 the arrests-From sieve video with the episodes

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Handcuffs to another 3, at 12 arrests-From sieve video with episodes

All the weight in the closed surveillance circuits, but also in the visual material recorded by citizens, for the episodes that took place in the complex “Zeus” and outside the Presidential Palace, is thrown by the Police, in an attempt to locate the criminal elements and to bring them to justice.

Members of the Force are working feverishly, examining the evidence they obtained and where persons who appear to be involved in the vandalism are recorded, captured in photographs and made public.

The photos of nineteen people who are wanted by the Authorities have already been published, some of whom appear in the closed circuits of “Sigma”, to cause disasters in the area of the complex.

Out of the nineteen people, the Police managed to identify seven within a few hours, against whom arrest warrants were issued and they are wanted by the Authorities.

At the same time, the Authorities will receive at least three more closed monitoring circuits, in order to evaluate and identify other persons.

At twelve the arrests

At the same time, the cycle of arrests is constantly growing, as the authorities handcuffed twelve people.

Specifically, on Sunday night, during the episodes, four arrests occurred. They are members of the same family, who were riding in a van that left the protest that took place at the Presidential Palace and which was seen by a police officer outside the “Zeus” complex, during the incidents.

The van then returned to the Presidential Palace, where the incidents continued and then stopped for inspection. Seven people were found inside the vehicle, three of whom attacked police officers and were arrested, as well as four who were reported in writing and then released.

The fourth detainee was found near the Presidential Palace and was arrested after he attacked a police officer and resisted arrest, according to the case investigator, before a court.

On Monday morning, the police made a fifth arrest against the driver of the van, after it was established that he was involved in the case. A five-day detention order was issued against the five suspects, despite police requesting their eight-day detention.

In the afternoon of the same day, the Police proceeded to arrest four other persons, against whom arrest warrants had been issued. During the night, the Police arrested three other people, bringing the number of those arrested to twelve. The arrested are between 25 and 64 years old.

The Police emphasizes that photos of 16 other wanted persons who seem to have participated in the episodes in the DIAS complex were made public, with the collection and evaluation of evidence for identification of other persons to continue intensively.

Complaint to AADIPA

However, the lawyer of the first five arrested, Alexandros Clerides, speaking after the end of the proceedings before the Court, said that his clients are not involved in the case.

As he mentioned, his clients will file a complaint to the Independent Authority for Allegations and Complaints against the Police. “There was a clash during the arrest, between the citizens and the Police, which is the only one that will be investigated for any criminal offenses that may arise.”

It is imperative, continued Mr. Clerides, “to make a complaint to AADIPA, in order to investigate the specific incident. “There is a complaint from these people that the attack was caused exclusively by the Police and they have suffered serious bodily injuries from the members of the Force”.

Meanwhile, in relation to the injured, from the incidents, police officers, as stated in his statements by the Assistant Chief of Police, Dimitris Dimitriou, all the members of the Force who were injured were discharged.

Strict instructions Anastasiadis-Drakou is waiting for the exhibition

The President of the Republic, Nikos Anastasiadis, is aware from the first moment of what took place on Sunday night, who was informed about what unfolded both in “Sigma” and outside the Presidential Palace.

In fact, Nikos Anastasiadis convened an extraordinary meeting on Monday morning, in the presence of the Minister of Justice Stefi Drakos and the Chief of Police, Stelios Papatheodorou, during which he gave strict instructions to the Police, for further actions, in order to prevent similar incidents. future.

He also called on the heads of the competent Departments to inform him fully and thoroughly, in the immediate future, about the operation and adequacy of their Departments.

The President also visited the facilities of “Sigma”, to see for himself the vandalism caused by the hooded men. Nikos Anastasiadis was welcomed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sigma, Kostis Hatzikostis, who broke out crying against the Police, with the President telling him “who told you that if the Police had not done what they did, at this moment it would not have been done and the Presidential Palace? “

It is noted that the Minister of Justice, Stefi Drakou, also requested a report on the incidents.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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