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He knocked out Omonia and is chasing the champion's belt!

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AEK won the derby and continues the pursuit of APOEL

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By Theodoros Tsiolakis

A big victory for AEK in the “AEK Arena”, which prevailed with 2-0 against Omonia for the 8th game of the playoffs of the championship. The team from Larnaca played an amazing second half and with the goals of Lopes (49') and Tonkia (65') they kept alive their hopes of winning the title and ended those of Omonia. With this victory, the Larnaca team climbed to 71 points in 2nd place, six more than the “greens” who are in 3rd place with 65 points.

First half

In the first half in the first minutes the game was fairly balanced with both teams paying more attention to their notes and not taking any chances to attack.

Omonoia went on to create a good chance in the 4th minute, with Semedos from close range to make the parallel turn, but no one found the ball to send it into the net.

After 15', AEK rose more, kept the ball and tried to find the opportunity to score. In the 26th minute, a big chance was lost for the home team, after a ball from Garcia, Sol headed in from close range, but the ball went just over the posts.

Beyond this phase, there was no other. valuable chances in the first half for both teams, with AEK slightly better, but they lacked clarity outside the Omonia area. So the two teams went to the locker room with 0-0.

Second half

In the second half, AEK entered the field much better than Omonia and with the “good morning” managed to take the lead. In the 49th minute, after a ball from the right of Diunkou, Lopes moved smartly to the first post and with a spot-kick made it 1-0 for his team.

AEK then continued to push better, looking for the second goal. In the 53rd minute, a great opportunity was lost, after the corner, Omonia's team kicked out, Tonkia took the ball and shot from outside the area, but it went wide. A minute later, Pons passed the ball to Gama, who from the height of the penalty in the movement made the place, but Uzoho fell and collected.

AEK continued to have the upper hand and in the 65th minute managed to to reach the second goal, after a shot by Lopes, the ball countered and was laid to Tonkia, who from close range beat Uzoho for 2-0.

After Tonkia's goal the plastiga had turns to the side of AEK for good, with Omonia unable to get any reaction in the stadium.

Ran Ben Simon's team reached 3-0 in the 76th minute, but they didn't succeed, first Garcia made the shot, Uzoho cleared, the ball was laid to Gourcho, who sent the ball wide into an empty net.

Until the end nothing else changed in the match and thus AEK got a very important victory, making a big leap in the battle to win the championship.


AEK: Piric, Djuncu, Tongia (78' Santos), Sol (78' Casas), Farage (69' Gyurcho), Lopes (69' Mamas), Garcia, Milisevic, Gama (72' Naum), Pons, Roberge.

On the bench: Ererin, Tomovic, Triskovski, Kaptum, Dani, Sanchez, Diemers.

Omonia:Uzoho, Mathews, Semedo, Stepinski (49' Bakic), Bashirou, Simic, Panagiotou, Kousoulos (68' Kasama), Hamas, Miletic, Charalambous (68' Allium)

On the bench: Papastylianou, Kelepesii , Psaltis, Cipriano, Kakoullis, Letsiaks, Andreou, Ozler, Pantelis.

Scorer: 49' Lopes, 65' Tonkia/ 

Rejections: / 

Referee: Hansen Morten Krogh
VAR: Kristoffersen Mads-Kristoffer< /p>

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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