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“It has been a permanent policy to emphasize health,” said the PtD

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The President of the Republic, Mr. Nikos Anastasiadis, inaugurates the new wing of the Larnaca General Hospital, at the Larnaca General Hospital, Larnaca, Cyprus.

It has been the government's constant policy to emphasize health and social policy, said the PtD – What he said at the opening of the new wing of the General Hospital of Larnaca

The government's permanent policy was to emphasize both health and social policy, the President of the Republic Nikos Anastasiadis said on Friday night, celebrating the opening of the new wing of Larnaka General Hospital,at the same time expressing satisfaction for the important Services offered by the public hospital.

The President expressed also satisfaction “because another project concerning vital Services for the citizens of a modern European city, as Larnaca is being transformed and transformed, has been handed over to the service of the city. I am really happy for the important Services it offers,” he said.

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He added that “the projects that troubled the Mayor of Larnaca were on the one hand the Municipal Market and on the other the Hospital. It is well known that it started before we took over the government and remained in a state of inactivity, because it was not possible to execute it,” he said and noted that “thanks to the determination of the late Tassos Mitsopoulos at the time, it was possible to make decisions”.

«Υπorρξ ε παγια πολιτικor να δoσουμε εμφασ&eta ; στην υγεΙα» εΙπε ο ΠτΔ

«Υπorρξ ε παγια πολιτικor να δoσουμε εμφασ&eta ; στην υγεΙα» εΙπε ο ΠτΔ

«Υπorρξ ε παγια πολιτικor να δoσουμε εμφασ&eta ; στην υγεΙα» εΙπε ο ΠτΔ

Then, he said “with the action of the current Minister of Transport and the Ministers of Health, it was possible to reach the point today where some (projects) are lacking.” The contractor should realize that there is no more time or tolerance for us to continue to face problems and still be scattered some of the Services that there is a need to be housed in a unified way and perform what we want”.

The President Anastasiadis emphasized that “there was fixed policy to emphasize both health and social policy”.

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In his greeting, the President of the Republic also said that “the adoption of the GESY thanks to the assistance of the parties, the local political forces, but also the contribution of the doctors, nurses and paramedical staff, with the operation of the GESY made it possible in our country to deal with the pandemic in the most successful way, much better than many European states. We are the second country in the world in a reduced number of deaths, but we are also considered one of the most successful in managing the pandemic,” he said.

The President expressed thanks and congratulations >”to the Ministers of Transport and Health, OKYpY and those who contributed and in general cooperated so that the contractor also gets on a path of order in order to reach where we have arrived”.

At the same time he expressed the belief that “soon they will be resolved and all the problems will be removed, so that any Services that exist in the old Hospital will also be transferred. Let's give the Municipality the opportunity to utilize the old Hospital which was granted to the Municipality of Larnaca, so that the accommodation of the local government is also similar”.

In his own greeting, Kypros Stavridis, General Executive Director of OKYpY, described the new wing of the Larnaca Hospital as “of vital importance” for the city and province and added that “its operation to date has already proven that it has helped the medical, nursing and paramedical staff to work in the conditions required to provide upgraded Services for the benefit of our patients”.

Today, he continued, “we are inaugurating a real gem which is a point of reference and progress for the medical care services offered in our country and in our mission for the highest possible quality medical services to the citizens”.

Referring to new wing, Mr. Stavridis said that “it has a total area of ​​23,200 m² and a total construction cost of over 24 million euros. At the present stage, it houses the Department of Outpatient Clinics,with 33 examination rooms, the Patient Service Department, while the Physiotherapy Clinic, the Nephrology Clinic, the Hemodialysis Department with 21 dialysis stations, the Thalassemia Department, the Outpatient Blood Collection Center, the Blood Bank and other supporting areas operate”.

< p>At the same time, he expressed thanks to the government “for the help it offered and offers and which, once again, contributed to the implementation of such an important project for the Organization. I express my warm thanks to the Ministries of Health and Transport for their enormous contribution to the implementation of the project and without their support and perseverance, the realization of this specific goal would not have been possible”.

Mr. Stavridis also thanked among others all the donors who support the Hospital and in particular the Pancypriot Organization of Kidney Patients “to the Director General of the Directorate and the Medical Director, to the medical, nursing and paramedical staff of the Larnaca Hospital for their significant contribution over the years to the implementation of the project as and for the zeal they demonstrate through their daily contact with patients”.

Source: cyprustimes.com

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