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Kouvelas: Side effect of the vaccine is the ischemic episode Hardalia

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Kouvelas: Side effect of the vaccine is the ischemic episode Hardalia

In a post on social media, the professor of Clinical Pharmacology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and director of the Laboratory of Clinical Pharmacology of the Medical School, Dimitris Kouvelas , urges the treating physicians of the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection, Nikos Hardalis, to submit a yellow card. of the coronavirus vaccine.

The teacher's post:

“From the position I am in, as a fellow human being and fellow citizen, I wish Mr. Hardalias (Nikos Hardalias) a good recovery.

From the same position, as a Doctor and Professor of Clinical Pharmacology, I urge Mr. Hardalias, his therapists and caregivers to submit a yellow card to EOF, a potential side effect of the COVID-19 vaccine to which he underwent.

Acute coronary syndrome is described in the expected side effects of these vaccines and the patient is in the time range of onset of the side effect.


Kouvelas: Side effect of the vaccine is the ischemic episode Hardalia

On Tuesday afternoon, Mr. Kouvelas returned with a new post, in which he states:

“Because I think many colleagues have forgotten basic principles of pharmacovigilance, I remind you of what science and law say:

Side effects fall into three categories

»1. Acute eg gastrointestinal bleeding after taking NSAIDs or diarrhea after methotrexate and are related to the half-life of the product.

»2. Chronic heart attack after taking COX2 inhibitors or rupture of tendons by quinolones and related to the mechanism of action, and the time of exposure to the agent and

»3. OTHER related to permanent alteration in a function. This includes thalidomide which affected the fetus or diethylstilboestrol (a disease of children from a drug taken by the mother before pregnancy!), The development of autoimmune by UNKNOWN stimulation of the immune system, permanent damage to the endothelium and vessel such as nicotine and nicotine agonists etc.

»APA in these medicinal products:

»1. The half-life is not only unknown, but also difficult to determine (multiple pharmacodynamics, unknown nucleic acid expression time, unknown tip half-life, unknown antibody generation time, unknown kinetics (products are in ectopic sites)

»2. Unknown pharmacodynamics of all intermediate and metabolic products

»3. Unknown effect on mutation enhancement of this virus, but possibly relatives

»4. Unknown dynamics and kinetics of the bodies etc.


»All adverse events are reported in the health of the” vaccinated “for at least the time that the vaccine theoretically protects (6-8 months) for acute adverse events

Even later all health events in children whose mothers were vaccinated, LIFE.

»All undesirable in neurological, cardiovascular, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases in a depth of 3 years, at least

»The unwanted correlation with the product can not be evaluated by any doctor unless the adverse reaction has already been described.

»CORRELATION is done epidemiologically, using special statistical tools developed and used by specialized doctors in Pharmacoepidemiology.

»If the incidence of adverse events in the population is greater than that in the population reports


This is how pharmacovigilance works and that is why there is a yellow card in EOF.

»The yellow card of football has nothing to do!

»ΑΜΠΑΛΟΙ !!!!».

Source: 24h.com.cy

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