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Lettuce at $ 12 in Australia – On the Cabinet Agenda

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The lettuce was found in the Australian Council of Ministers yesterday, with a statement by the Prime Minister Anthony Albanese himself, who was involved in the debate that has been going on for days in the country, as the price of, for many favorites, lettuce jumped to $ 12 a piece .

Demand has been high, but the availability of lettuce is very limited following natural disasters that have destroyed crops and even threatened farmers with complete collapse, if there is no immediate support from the state.

In fact, the shortage is so great that the well-known fast food chain KFC announced this week that in hamburgers with chicken, it is going to replace lettuce with cabbage. “This is ridiculous, it is wrong,” Albanese said in a radio interview yesterday. He said it with a smile, it is the truth, noting that his son loves these hamburgers. But he went on to say that his government would take action to address the economic hardship that plagues many Australians.

Outrageous price increases on simple, everyday products

The news may be blatant, but it is indicative of the general increase in daily commodities, which many Australian households are now finding difficult to purchase. Lettuce in particular, as well as the prices of other products, were heavily involved in the recent election campaign and it is noted that the increased cost of living contributed to the fall of the previous Conservative government. Rises in prices, not only for products, but also for electricity and gas, are largely attributed to rising inflation, which is about 6%, double what the Central Bank wants.

The new Labor government said that The budget to be submitted in the coming months will include measures to alleviate households, but acknowledged that this will be far from easy, as the country is vulnerable not only to internal factors, such as unpredictable natural disasters, but also the consequences. of the general international situation, without of course excluding the situation in Ukraine.

Source: politis.com.cy

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