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Milestone year in 2022 for Europa Donna-“Strengthened actions were taken”

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Χρονισταθμ oς το 2022 για την Europa Donna-«Eγιναν ενισχυμeν ες δρασεις»

2022 is a landmark year because it will be twenty years since the establishment of Europa Donna Cyprus, said Marinos Charalambidis Executive Director of Europa Donna Cyprus.

Mr. Charalambidis, who visited the home on Friday of  Europa Donna Cyprus in Paphos stated that in 2022 there were enhanced actions which also had an anniversary character. In general, the year ended very positively, he said, noting that there was a very positive response from the public both to the actions carried out with the common people and also with the organizations to strengthen the actions and programs of the Association.

When asked whether the world is aware after the pandemic and the financial problems of many families, Mr. Charalambidis noted that the offer to fellow man remains at high levels despite the crisis and the difficulties that exist.  The world, he said, “is standing by us and that makes us especially happy”, adding that no matter what difficulties the world faces, they have stood by Europa Donna Cyprus.

Regarding the goals of Europa Donna Cyprus in 2023, Mr. Charalambidis said that they are focused on strengthening more in the part of information, so that more and more people become aware of the prevention and early diagnosis of breast cancer, but also ovarian cancer which they have recently included in their activities.

We are strengthening, he emphasized, “the support programs for patients, we have hired a Clinical Dietitian, so this part will be further strengthened and also more assertion regarding patients' rights”.

The rights of patients, he continued Mr. Charalambidis, are a piece that has no end.  We are trying, he said, “we are setting new goals”. In relation to the insurance of people who have been diagnosed with cancer in the past, he noted that they have come to an agreement with the insurance companies for the insurance of cancer patients, adding however that they will try to pass this legislatively.

Finally Mr. Charalambidis sent the message to the world to be close, to be properly informed so that he too can contribute in his own way to prevention and early diagnosis, because as he explained, they are proven to save lives. The better informed the world is, the more appropriately it will move towards this part, he added.

He also said that prevention and early diagnosis are not arbitrary, stressing that concrete steps need to be taken to achieve the goals. us, he concluded.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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