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Minister of Health: Expectation of support from the international community for a solution to the Cyprus problem

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Υπουργσς Υγελ&alpha ;ς: ΠροσδοκΙα στorριξης απo διεθνor κοινότητα για λύση στο Κυπριακό

The absolute concern and priority of the Government of Nikos Christodoulides is the reunification of Cyprus, said the Minister of Health, Michalis Damianos, on Thursday, speaking at the event of the Municipality of Engomi and ETHA Engomi, to celebrate the national anniversaries of March 25, 1821 and April 1, 1955.

According to a statement relayed by the GTP, the Minister expressed the hope that the appointment of the envoy of the Secretary General of the United Nations, Maria Angela Holguín Cuellar, will contribute to the efforts made by the EU side to solve the Gordian link. He also mentioned the expectation that the international community will practically support the just struggle of Cyprus to end the Turkish occupation and the withdrawal of all foreign troops from the island.

“The initiatives, consultations and pressures and the recognition of the clear political will of our side led to a new effort and aroused international interest,” he added, observing that “the role of the European Union should be more active.” and the international factor in order to bend the Turkish intransigence”.

Referring to the celebration of the two anniversaries he said that "our own debt to our ancestors is to continue without distracting the efforts to reunify our country”.

He added that the vindication of the sacrifice of thousands of heroes will only come when all the refugees return to their homes, when the bells in the occupied churches ring joyfully, and when " we will be able to pray in our temples unhindered”.

He added that "however difficult the struggle may be, with determination and courage, we will continue to claim liberation and the reunification of our Cyprus, through finding a just solution that will ensure security conditions for all citizens. It is the least we owe to our heroes who gave their lives for a free country”.

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