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Murder Administration: At First Sight Finds a Wrong Risk Assessment by the Welfare Services

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Murder Administration: At First Sight Finds Wrong Assessment of Risk by Welfare Services

Incorrect assessment of the risk by the officials of the Social Welfare Services, in relation to the double murder committed against the Workers, ascertains at first sight and according to the information received from the media, the Commissioner of Administration, Maria Stylianou – Lottidi.

Invited by KYPE, to comment on the murder in Ergates, during which a husband allegedly killed his 52-year-old wife and his twenty-one-year-old son, while he also injured his second son, Ms. Stylianou-Lottidi stated that a comment on of this particular can not do, because as he said, did not proceed to the initiation of any investigation.

However, as she is informed by the media in relation to the case, “at first sight it resembles the same shortcomings of the Social Welfare Services, found in the conclusion of the death of 15-year-old Stylianos, whose conclusion on the causes of death is this moment to the Attorney General.

Asked if the finding of 15-year-old Stylianos resembles the same circumstances of the double murder, Ms. Lottidi said that according to the statements of representatives of the Social Welfare Services and according to the aunt's complaints during her assessment, it appears that the alleged perpetrator was not judged dangerous by the competent Services, since the welfare officer he had sent did not have the appropriate experience and did not know the family history.

As he said at first sight, as in the conclusion about Stylianos, it seems that the inexperience of the officials who examined the issue, without knowing all the history, the constant rotation of the officials and the wrong risk assessment seem to have led there.

“I can rely on them from the beginning and say that they are similar, and since no criminal or disciplinary proceedings have been instituted by these ministers, we are expected to face the same phenomena again, a year later,” he said.

Asked if she intends to investigate the matter on her own initiative, the Commissioner of Administration said that it is something that will be seen in the future if it is worth the effort.

He wondered that “if it is to prepare some findings and lead them to criminal investigators and not proceed to any prosecution, either criminal or disciplinary, then why identify the pathogens that exist in the system, but also in human error?”.

He explained that “what the previous investigation showed was the existence of human error, poor assessment and management and a complete lack of risk assessment”, to note that “we have identified all this”.

“Coming again to find out the same things after what?” The Commissioner asked.

She expressed her strong disappointment for not using the finding for 15-year-old Stylianos.

“We are not talking about allowances, which were given wrongly or about a house, which was not given to keep a family. We are talking about lives lost. If lives are lost with the same human mistakes I can not accept it. “I can not accept it, because if some people go unpunished and any testimony or memory is weakened or any strong evidence that can be brought to court, then you realize that impunity will trigger and the audacity to repeat the same mistakes,” he said.

He also added that the role of punishment is the understanding of the negligence of his duty by the official himself, it is also the compliance to avoid the repetition of a similar mistake, but at the same time an example of the rest.

In another question why the finding about Stylianos has not been used so far, the Commissioner of Administration said: “There is a question about that. Following his submission to the Council of Ministers, the former Attorney General considered that there were indeed good reasons for conducting a criminal investigation and therefore agreed with the content of the finding and appointed two independent criminal investigators to investigate and carry out the investigation. ».

As Ms. Lottidou continued, “the conclusion of the criminal investigators was prepared a year later and as we were informed, it was handed over to the current Attorney General at the end of November”, to note that since then he has not been informed about it.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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