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Nikos Siakolas: The experiences and the course of a life

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Nikos Siakolas: The experiences and the course of a life

Walking to the 94 years of his life, the well-known businessman Nikos K. Siakolas summarizes in an elegant book of 225 pages all his experiences and presents useful lessons for young entrepreneurs and not only. These are not memoirs or autobiographies, although the contents of the book can be described as such. These are lessons and lessons with timeless value. First-person narratives about the experiences, adventures, experiences of a businessman who has a lot to say.

The “mud” of the water, Lachanaris the clock, the doom of little Kyriakos. Death hunt in Adana, first commercial successes, human relations. The blow of the Turkish invasion, the beginning from the beginning. Cyprus, Lebanon, England, Greece, Nigeria. Acquisitions, expansions, international joint ventures, bold openings. Innovative, pioneering projects, social offer, big donations. Local and international recognition, honorary titles. A visit that never took place… An invocation to the Five Finger with the poet. A fascinating journey of nine decades of life that continues…

In the book, Nikos Siakolas summarizes his timeless belief as follows: Man must always strive, learn, claim the right and the right, insist, love, acknowledge his mistakes, understand, forgive, always with decency and dignity, and to offer to society.

The book includes rich photographic material. The journalist Kyriakos Kyriakou offered his valuable help for his preparation, who contributed to the recording of the narration and the interviews and to the editing of the texts. The correction of the texts, the pagination, the visual material and the general editing of the publication was the journalist Pavlos K. Pavlou, for many years a close collaborator of Mr. Siakolas.

The book is available free of charge from the Group offices for anyone interested.

Source: www.philenews.com

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