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No more hunting for those who did not serve their military service – They remove the licenses of shotguns

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No more hunting for those who did not serve their military service - They remove the licenses of shotguns

They are increasingly narrowing the margins for those who have not served their military service or invoke various mental illnesses in order to avoid the obligation to fulfill it. According to legislation passed last February and implemented, those who have not served their term in the National Security Service are not entitled to hold a firearms license. or were discharged due to mental illness. This measure is added to a series of other deterrent measures promoted in recent years by the Ministry of Defense and which by their implementation significantly reduced the suspensions of classification for mental illness. This fact confirms that many conscripts are diagnosed with various mental illnesses, simply to avoid military service. All of them, then, will no longer be able to hold a hunting weapon license and consequently engage in their favorite sport, hunting or shooting. This is a measure that should have been implemented a long time ago. It does not mean that a person who is exempted from military service due to a mental illness is also a holder of a hunting weapon license.

In particular, last February, the Plenary Session of the Parliament amended Article 5 (c) of the Law on Firearms and Non-Firearms of 2004, including the conditions under which the Chief of Police has the power not to issue a license to acquire and possess a firearm and the case that the applicant “has not been legally discharged from the fulfillment of his military obligations or has not been granted their fulfillment, according to the provisions of the Law on the National Guard, for reasons of mental health”. It should be noted that the law gives the Chief of Police the power to go back years and remove licenses to possess hunting weapons. The effectiveness of this measure will depend on its proper implementation by the Police in cooperation with the GEEF.

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