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On Sunday the time change – The clocks go forward one hour

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Την Κυριακor η αλλαγor της оρα μπροστа

At dawn on Sunday, March 31, the hands of the clocks will they have to move one hour ahead, i.e. from 3 am. at 4 am

It is recalled that the application of the winter time measure expires on Sunday, in accordance with Directive 2000/84 of the European Parliament and of the Council of the European Union of January 19, 2001, regarding the winter time provisions.

Why Sunday?

According to Live Science, the reason has to do with people being confused by the time change. Thus, Sunday is preferred, as fewer people are active on that day, so they have time to adjust.

In many countries around the world the changeover takes place every second Sunday in March. , but for the countries of Europe it is true that summer time starts and ends every last Sunday of March and October respectively.

How the measure started< /b>

The measure to change the time was started as it was considered that this way there would be energy savings.

In the 70s, just two years after the energy crisis that broke out in Europe in 1973, it was decided to adopt the summer time measure by a large part of its states, including Greece.

Since 1996, a single, pan-European regulation has been in effect, whereby in the Spring we turn the clocks forward one hour (so that we use the daylight for an extra hour), while in the Autumn we put them back one hour back.

Source: in.gr

Source: reporter.com.cy

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