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Only vaccinations will unlock us – The vast majority of patients are unvaccinated

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Only vaccinations will unlock us - The vast majority of patients are unvaccinated

Writers: Natalia K. Daliani – Giannos Lytras

The vast majority of patients treated with Covid-19 in OKYPY hospitals are still people who have not received any dose of the vaccine. In recent days, however, it has been striking that the proportion of vaccinated and unvaccinated patients in need of treatment is changing, with the rate for the first category increasing. In particular, while in the past, 90% of patients with Covid-19 in hospitals were unvaccinated citizens and 10% vaccinated, in recent days the percentage of patients with a history of vaccination is higher, 15-20%. Specifically, in the last three days, the percentage of vaccinated patients treated rose to around 18.9%.

Natural consequence

The spokesman of OKYPY Mr. Pampos Charilaou, commenting on the specific situation said that this is a natural consequence, as as the vaccinations progress and there are more people vaccinated, so does the percentage of people who are vaccinated and enter the hospital. However, he clarifies that in serious cases the percentages remain the same as before, ie 90% unvaccinated and 10% vaccinated. In fact, there are currently 52 people in the Intensive Care Unit, of whom only 7 are vaccinated or have a history of vaccination.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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