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Presidential '23: Pamporidis lead in collaboration with AKEL-DIKO with the slogan “The bald man is crazy”

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The team that supports Pamporidis's candidacy in AKEL has already found the motto of the pre-election campaign: “The bald man is crazy”. “As Omonia won the championship with the crazy bald Berg, so the party will win the eternal opponent” he said characteristically to the “P” AKEL leader, adding that the effort made today in the party – to come up and down – is analogous to the time of “the inhuman sior changed”. AKEL today is a party that, despite the fact that nine years have passed since the traumatic experience of the left-wing government / power, nevertheless does not even dare to think of someone “of its own” to claim the presidency of the Republic in 2023. “They do not trust us in economic issues or ours “notes the same source. AKEL's Achilles heel is the economy – an issue on which the party has not yet managed to find and formulate a proposal for power, only protesting and criticizing the hundreds of problems that arose during the Anastasiadis / DISY government.

The vehicle

AKEL, therefore, is looking for a vehicle that will put the party back on the rails of the train that leads to power, even if it is not '23 time to be in government again – although it is now clear that this is the intended goal. “The party of the Left is looking for an honest politician, who has worked in his life, who knows the difficulties of the private sector, who also knows what the Public is, it would be good to have been tested in a political position, not to be considered by the world that it will be a puppet of AKEL, to play the economic game in European terms in order to entertain the concerns of businessmen and the world in general, to be able to collect votes from other parties and political formations, to be in favor of a solution to the Cyprus problem with patriotic and realistic content, so that AKEL, DIKO, Ecologists, a large part of EDEK can meet, and whoever else wanted to coordinate with the great coalition of the opposition in order to leave power those who reached the Cyprus issue in the current impasse that leads to our place. Let those who led to the impoverishment of the middle class leave, to the Cypriot greed of the world to enrich those around us, to the humiliation and disrepute of our country abroad, to the sacrifice of the Cypriot nature / environment on the altar of strong interests “. This is the reasoning of the AKEL leadership for the 2023 presidential elections, which at the same time turns a blind eye to Nikolas and DIKO, implying that if they are good children, if the agreement is kept, then it could be their turn next five years. Who meets these conditions? However, Pamporidis has already stated that he will be a President if he is elected…


In AKEL, many names have been heard, discussed – it is interesting that mainly names from the Right / Center-Right play – which have passed through the party sieve and there are basically three left, the following one: George Pamporidis. The current rector of the University of Cyprus, Tassos Christofidis, is colorless, tasteless, odorless. to collect the party's percentage in the first round – somehow these 3 + 1 names that at some point, albeit unofficially, entered the table for the presidential candidacy passed under the bar. AKEL would discuss Christiana Erotokritou and Marko Kyprianou, but would not put them on the table because it would be offensive to the president of DIKO, whose name the Left party can not discuss because it cannot stand it at the moment. the basis of the party and the double sin of the wise party. Achilles Dimitriadis is supported by AKEL for kavantza, in case DIKO moves to other options – DIKO has unquestionably rejected him as a joint candidate due to his positions in the Cyprus and Property. Christos Stylianidis is kept up to date by a strong team at AKEL, which does not reject Pamporidis as a second choice. They believe that Christos Stylianidis can gather all the forces that think realistically in relation to the Cyprus issue and the solution of the problem (a large portion also from DISY) and that he will definitely go to the 2nd round with all the possibilities open, but it has not been done ( yet;) approach -at least official- from both sides, while the leadership of DIKO has said that it is not a joke to support Stylianidis candidacy. New Forces MP Irini Charalambidou (twice first Cypriot in crosses of preference in parliamentary elections), who has clearly stated her opposition to a Pamporidis candidacy, is developing a headache for the AKEL leadership. Asked by Andreas Giortsio (she was invited to The OMG Show / Omega TV, 31/12/2021) “if AKEL had to choose between Nikolas Papadopoulos and George Pamporidis, what would you support”, Ms. Charalambidou answered: “No I would never vote for a member of the Politburo of the Alarm, a minister of the Anastasiadis government, a member of the Council of Ministers who co-signed the 'golden' passports “. Next Saturday, January 29, 2022, the Central Committee of AKEL will meet for the presidential elections, while a relevant meeting of the Politburo of the party will precede. The DIKO political conference has been rescheduled for February 6. Next Wednesday, January 26, 2022, the political declaration will be presented to the Central Committee of DIKO, which will be discussed at the political conference.

Children's illnesses

Pamporidis's weights in relation to AKEL have to do mainly with symbolism maintained by all parties like the Holy Table, so that they can control their followers, the masses, who do not torment the issue much and who can easily see the finger instead of the moon. In an exclusive interview with Marina Economidou (“Kathimerini” of Cyprus) last Sunday, George Pamporidis tried to explain why he attended the Grivas memorial in 2017. His explanation that he represented the government as Minister of Health of President Anastasiadis and on childhood diseases, was considered by some to be satisfactory (“No one can erase the crimes of EOKA B 'that our generation experiences every day with the occupation of our homeland”) and by others as an evasion (me in jia) that does not fit Or his magical personality (“But he was present as a representative of the President. I had no way of refusing to attend […] And note that it was in '17 that I was trying to pass the GESS bills”). “The bottom line is that the curtain was drawn early, this very embarrassing issue for AKEL came to light, it is being discussed in popular organizations, it is slowly being digested for the sake of the great goal, to let those who govern us leave power,” he notes meaningfully. AKEL executive who supports Pamporidis candidacy.

Child sins

When Pamporidis spoke to Economidou about childhood diseases, he had in mind that apart from the video of '17, there are also photos of him being at the memorial of Grivas as president of MAKI (student organization DISY), but also as an APOEL player in adolescence of (football is another sacred cow for the two big parties). They know this in AKEL and they see the “blackmail” that comes from inside and outside, but they consider that if DIKO says “yes”, then with a large coalition of the opposition with a serious prospect of victory and change, together with Ecologists, EDEK executives and other forces, in the face of a divided Alarm (Averof Neophytou vs Nikos Christodoulidis) can not stand in the way… child sins.

In the mind of Nicholas

Nikolas Papadopoulos and DIKO have stated that they want to be a government or co-government in 2023. And they also have options, tempting offers, in addition to AKEL, such as a collaboration with DISY with the support of Averof Neophytou's candidacy. They will receive several ministries (the selection of persons will be exclusively in DIKO), Parliamentary presidency for Nikolas Papadopoulos (eg with Minister Anita Dimitriou) with the prospect of becoming President of the Republic, they are permanently relieved of the political problem called DIPA, solutions will be found for the financial problem of the party etc. The cost of this choice is that Nikolas Papadopoulos and DIKO have to make a big fuss – they have been in fierce opposition for nine years and have been talking about a corrupt government. And there will always be the risk of absorption of DIKO by the Democratic Alarm. Nikolas Papadopoulos and DIKO can also support Nikos Christodoulidis, with the risk that their chosen one will not pass to the second round and DIKO will be considered a split of DISY. DIKO is not thinking of Giorgos Kolokasidis, since he is positioning himself against the federation. It is noted that the Democratic Party was surprised by the 35 pre-congress conferences / meetings with the party base throughout Cyprus, which were attended by 40 to 70 executives at a time (completed in early December 2021). It was found that there is a reaction from DIKOis to the possibility that DIKO will cooperate with DISY and support the candidacy of Averof Neophytou. It is also noted that no one spoke about an autonomous descent of DIKO… Recently, the turn of Nikolas Papadopoulos from DISY to AKEL, one can see it reflected in the public statements of the close associate of the party president, MP DIKO , Chrysi Pantelidi. Speaking on the “Morning Schedule” / Third of RIK (11/1/2022), Mr. Pantelidis said that DIKO proposes the name of Nikolas Papadopoulos as a candidate in the elections, but in terms of possible cooperation scenarios, he underlined that the priority for DIKO are the opposition parties and not the candidate of the Democratic Alarm. The DIKO MP again accused the Anastasiadis government of entanglement and corruption and regarding the Cyprus issue, he said that it is at its worst point.

Source: politis.com.cy

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