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Red alert from the Forest Department… for as long as needed

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Red alert from the Forest Department… for as long as needed

At the level of red alert, the Forest Department has raised its readiness for as long as it takes, says today's announcement of the Forest Department due to the particularly dry and hot summer that the whole eastern Mediterranean is experiencing and especially due to the prolonged heat that prevails at this time.

As the Department of Forests announced yesterday, the risk of explosion and spread of forest fires, today is at the level of “Red Alarm” and calls on the public to be especially careful during their excursions,

With the prevailing extreme weather conditions it is certain, he notes that even the slightest spark can cause a fire, which is why a very warm appeal is addressed to avoid actions and activities that may cause a fire as well as for cooperation. It calls on everyone to consider the magnitude of the devastation left behind by the deadly fire started by Arakapas.

It is stressed that the burning of grass, branches and garbage is prohibited, while the use in the countryside of tools or agricultural machinery that produce sparks or flames, such as emery, oxygen welding and welding, should be avoided.

He recalls that a large number of fires were caused by throwing cigarette butts, by ignition or sparks of machines, as well as by the use of fire in our various activities in the countryside, with the known catastrophic consequences.
Particular attention should also be paid to preventive measures to prevent fire from the exhaust of various generators or water pumps in the countryside, so their owners or users are required to ensure that they have taken the necessary precautions, such as cleaning space from dry grass and other flammable materials. Also make sure of the good condition of the exhaust (balcony) which must end in a well.

Noting that it is forbidden to light a fire without a permit, he states that this is an offense which according to the Forest Law of 2012, is punishable by imprisonment for up to 10 years or a fine of up to € 50,000.00 or both. Fire Prevention in the Country Law of 1988 up to 5 years or with a fine of up to € 20,000 or both.

The Department of Forests reminds that lighting a fire, for food preparation, is allowed only in the barbecues of the picnic areas.
Anyone who senses smoke or fire in or near the forest is invited to call 1407 (Forest Department) or 112 (Fire Department).

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Source: politis.com.cy

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