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Red loans fell below € 6 billion

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Red loans fell below € 6 billion

The decline in non-performing loans (NPLs), which fell below € 6 billion at the end of the month, showed a significant acceleration in November 2020, showing a significant decrease of € 710 million compared to the previous month.

According to data released today, NPLs at the end of November amounted to € 5.59 billion compared to € 6.30 billion last month. The NPL ratio in terms of total loans fell to 19.1% in November from 21% in the previous month, as total loans also showed a corresponding decrease. Total loans to the system amounted to € 29.3 billion at the end of November from € 30.12 billion last month.

At the same time, provisions for “red loans” fell to 49% compared to 54% in October, which means that banks used provisions for write-offs of NPLs or for contractual write-offs.

“The decrease in NPLs and consequently in total loans is mainly due to write-offs that either concern contractual or 'accounting write-offs'”, the CBC states.

At the same time, loans with a delay of more than 90 days fell to € 4.59 billion, corresponding to 15.6% of total loans, from € 5.3 billion or 17.5% last month.

According to the CBC data, of the total non-performing loans, 59.2% or € 3.13 billion belong to households, while 41.6% or € 2.33 billion belong to non-financial corporations, with the The vast majority of corporate red loans, ie € 2.04 billion, belong to small and medium enterprises.

The forecasts for household NPLs amounted to 44% at the end of November, while those for corporate red loans amounted to 55%, while for SME loans the corresponding percentage was 57.4%.

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