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Seven people detained for 8 days for the episodes in the “Zeus” Band

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Seven people detained for 8 days for the episodes in the

An eight-day detention order against two other suspects for the serious incidents that took place on Sunday night, in the “Zeus” complex, was approved on Wednesday by the Nicosia District Court.

The hearing in the Nicosia District Court started at 11:00, while the two suspects were not represented by a defense attorney.

The offenses they face

Specifically, the two suspects are alleged to have been involved in the incidents in the “Zeus” Group and are facing, among other things, offenses related to the violation of the decree of the Law on Purification, incitement to commit a criminal offense, illegal gathering, conspiracy to commit in conspiracy to commit a crime, in rioting and illegal entry.

In addition, the 2nd suspect faces offenses related to causing damage to buildings and machinery, arson, malicious damage and possession and transport of explosives.

The facts

In the testimony before the District Court of Nicosia, the Chief Constable of TAE Nicosia, member of the investigative team, Gennadios Ioannou, the offenses were committed last Sunday between 17:30 – 23:00 outside the Presidential Palace during the protest of a portion of citizens of the measures due to the pandemic, with the protest evolving into a protest march in the building of the Zeus Group, where they caused damage both inside and outside the building, to cars of the Group and employees, who were parked inside the fenced area of the Group.

In relation to the 1st suspect, Mr. Ioannou stated that as soon as he recognized his photo, after posting in the media, he presented himself at the Nicosia Police Department, where he was interrogated both orally and in writing and admitted his presence outside the presidency and that he entered illegally. within the fenced area of the Zeus Group.

According to Mr. Ioannou, the 1st suspect states that the movements of the protest march were controlled by the organizers and instigators, to note that he submitted some allegations for his illegal entry into “Zeus” and allegations for his presence from the beginning until the end of the protest march, which are being investigated.

Moreover, as Mr. Ioannou stated, “from the inspection of the CCTV data and from the open social media and from the information received by the investigative team, so far the 1st suspect has been found in too many moments to wear dark clothes and to has the Greek flag on its back.

He notes that the inspection of the data of the closed surveillance circuits shows that the 1st suspect enters the fenced areas of the Zeus Group through the broken gate, however, he added that from the examinations so far “it does not appear to have been involved in any malicious, malicious but it is not excluded that he committed the specific offenses, since the data from the closed circuits are still being inspected “.

Regarding the 2nd suspect, Mr. Ioannou said that from information received through citizens, who wished to remain anonymous, and from the inspection of the data of the closed monitoring circuits of the Zeus Group, it can be seen that he is wearing dark pants with a mark on the left , dark short-sleeved blouse with a distinctive mark on the front, as well as a white hat and white shoes.

In addition, he stated that the 2nd suspect seems to be entering the fenced areas of the Zeus Group, kicking the intercom located on the iron gate and then throwing stones at the guardhouse.

According to the Chief of Staff of the TAE, the 2nd suspect seems to be moving and entering the building, while he is found moving in the reception area, taking a stone from the floor and throwing it again inside the building and ending up on a large object.

Then, he said, he exits the building and enters again, holding a large stone and throwing it at other objects.

So far, 40 deposits have been received, followed by another 90

Speaking before the court, Mr. Ioannou spoke of a “very serious case”, which is in the early stages of investigation.

He said that so far 40 deposits have been received and another 90 are expected to be taken in advance, noting that the deposits concern the family, friends and work environment of the suspects.

In addition, he said that around 20 closed-circuit surveillance systems have been received and at least 15 more are expected to be received, which will be inspected frame by frame to identify those involved in the harassment who have committed the above offenses.

According to Mr. Ioannou, about 20 statements are expected to be received from Police Officers, who will be called to identify persons who participated in the crimes under investigation.

Source: politis.com.cy

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